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The Walking Dead: Last Mile

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The Walking Dead: Last Mile
This is what you give us SkyBound? A unplayable game, where you have to watch other players play the game?
Genre(s): Action
Interactive Drama
Platform(s): Facebook Gaming
Release: July 11, 2022
Developer(s): Pipework Studios
Publisher(s): Skybound Entertainment
Series: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Last Mile is a game developed by Pipework Studios and published by SkyBound Entertainment, and it was released exclusively on FaceBook's gaming platform.

Why It Should Be The Last Mile

  1. This game is just a poor excuse for Facebook to have a bigger community, as Facebook has been losing members over the years and many people do not use the site anymore. As a result, Facebook ended up asking the developers to put the game on their platform rather than putting it on Google Play.
  2. The graphics look like it came from a mobile game or something from the PlayStation 3. In which somewhat makes sense for some, since it is a web-game after all.
  3. The game itself is very boring, all you do is walk a long path and kill walkers along the way. Or if you can't play the game, you have to watch people play.
  4. Very limited character customization, all you can choose is preset heads, tops, and bottoms. Also you cannot choose your own name by typing it, you can only use randomized names.
  5. No voice acting is present in this game, all you get for dialogue is textboxes. Even the stories are presented in textboxes too.
  6. False Advertising: The game's trailer tries to make the game fun as possible but the game itself is just boring and there is barely any action in it, as for the trailer it has voice acting in it despite the game not even having any.
  7. Cameo Bidding: This feature is extremely infamous for locking players out of playing the game. If you don't end up bidding or bid a low amount, you are forced to watch other players play the game.
  8. The game suffers from streaming problems, sometimes the game will lag to a crawl or even crash and kick you out of the game.
  9. Lazy minigames that are nothing but generic minigames that other games did before, such as Ammo Prep in which is just a generic match 3 puzzle, Construct Wall in which is just Tetris.
  10. None of the characters from the TV show, the comics, or the games ever appear in the game. All we see is brand new characters and custom player characters.


When the game was first announced, the trailer was met with poor reception having 11k dislikes over 3.2K likes. The trailer was criticized for having extremely cheap looking animation, having no blood, and for the announcement of the game being a Facebook Gaming exclusive. When the game actually came out, many players didn't like the game for the Cameo Bidding system where it locks the player out from playing, and its boring gameplay.



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