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The Sims 3 (Wii)

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The Sims 3
The Sims 3 Wii.png
Another example of Electronic Arts rushing their games on weaker consoles.
Genre(s): Life simulation
Platform(s): Wii
Release: EU: November 12, 2010
NA: November 15, 2010
AU: November 18, 2010
Developer(s): The Sims Studio
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Country: United States
Series: The Sims
Predecessor: The Sims 2
Successor: The Sims 4

The Sims 3 is the third game in the life simulation video game series of the same name, developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. This page talks about the Wii port.

Why It Sucks

  1. It doesn't even feel like The Sims 3, despite being made by same developers as the PC version.
  2. It is filled with bugs and glitches that make the game hard to play.
    • Sometimes certain objects can stop working, and you cannot even delete them
    • The fire code in this game is broken, sometimes it will trigger for no reason. And you cannot place new furniture if this happens.
    • Broken Sim A.I, in which some NPC sims can get stuck in certain objects. They are stuck until the game kills them off.
  3. No karma powers, in which the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions have.
  4. False Advertising for two reasons:
    • The back of the cover uses screenshots from the PC Version, in which one of them says you can build your house. Yet in the Wii Version you cannot modify houses.
    • In a advertisement for this game, it claims to have karma powers. Yet it doesn't.
  5. You cannot modify or build houses in the game, all you can do is buy, place and move furniture. Which is unacceptable since console versions of the original and The Sims 2 allowed you to build houses.
  6. When your Wii is running this game, you will often hear annoying buzzing sounds from the Wii's fan, in which the console is trying so hard to run the game and not overheat, due to how large and poorly optimized the game is. This is very similar to the Phoenix Games released for the PlayStation 2 as the game disk might warp and ultimately become unplayable.
  7. When you have a child in the game, you have to name it before it's gender is chosen, for example if you wanted to name your child Kate and the game tells you it's a boy, but since you cannot change it, it is stuck as it is.
  8. There are no baby, toddler, or young adult ages in this version, meaning your sim will walk out of the hospital with a child. Even worse, your child could possibly get penalized for missing school if they are born on a weekday.
  9. Horrible controls, you cannot point and click. Instead, you control your Sim using a Nunchuk for certain actions such as talking to a sim. Although you can use the D-Pad to control your sim.
  10. Sims can die of dehydration if they don't go swimming. Which makes no sense, since only mermaids/mermen can only die of dehydration on the PC version.
  11. The game can possibly brick/destroy your Wii if you play it for long enough, which would be extra devastating for long-time Wii owners.
    • So if you have any intent on playing this version (whether you're just trying it out or reviewing it), play it on the Wii U with Wii mode.
  12. Extremely lackluster multiplayer mode.
    • Multiplayer is strictly 2D, and nothing much more than a virtual board game adaptation of the Sims 3.
    • You're unable to make your own sim, rather you're given the choice between 16 pre-made child sims (8 boys and 8 girls of varying hair and skin colors).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can actually see your Sim's face in the HUD, just like the other Sims console games.
  2. It has some new features such as skateboarding, as well as things unavailable in the original base game, like surfing.
  3. The soundtrack from the PC version returns, most notably the title screen music from Late Night as the Wii version's main theme.


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