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The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

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The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man
Bartman Meets Radioactive Man.jpg
Don't do the Bartman.
Protagonist(s): Bart Simpson
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Sega Game Gear
Nintendo Entertainment System
Release: December 1992
Developer(s): Imagineering (NES)
Teeny Weeny Games (SGG)
Publisher(s): Acclaim Entertainment[1]
Country: United States
Series: The Simpsons

The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is a video game released in late 1992 published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Game Gear. It is the third NES game based on the animated sitcom The Simpsons.


Bart is reading a Radioactive Man comic book in his treehouse, when he's suddenly greeted by Fallout Boy, Radioactive Man's sidekick, who tells Bart that his ally was kidnapped and is trapped in the Limbo Dimension. Bart turns into his superhero form, Bartman, and sets out to rescue Radioactive Man by defeating his enemies.

Why It Can't Do The Bartman

  1. The controls haven't improved from Bart vs. the Space Mutants and Bart vs. the World.
  2. Some of the enemies are way too small to kill, like the rats in the junkyard level.
  3. The levels take forever to beat, and have very few checkpoints.
  4. The game has a few inconsistencies:
    • In the first level, Bartman can jump on tires and broken TVs just fine, but if he lands on any other part of the garbage, it's treated like a bottomless pit and he dies, which makes no sense.
    • The platforms in the sewer level shoot electricity, which can't hurt Bartman unless he's standing on the platform. Shouldn't the electricity hurt Bartman regardless if he's standing on the platform or not?
  5. Some levels require Bartman to take a leap of faith, as it's sometimes difficult to tell where to land. It's made worse with the camera failing to catch up to Bartman if he makes a huge jump, causing him to die for no reason.
    • This is made worse in the Game Gear version due to screen crunch.
  6. The levels in this game are of schizophrenic difficulty.
  7. Lava Man's first level requires Bartman to fall into a specific pit to progress further, and the game never hints that you have to fall down there, as all of the other pits kill Bartman.
  8. Lava Man's second level is basically a rehash of the Hollywood graveyard level in Bart vs. the World, with a similarly designed maze involving doors. It's impossible to navigate the level without drawing a map, as some doors warp Bartman back to the start of the level.
    • Also, said level has waterfalls scattered around that instantly kill Bartman, with no indication of the waterfalls being a hazard until Bartman touches them, as they look like a part of the background.
    • Furthermore, the level prohibits Bartman from jumping across platforms, even ones that are close to one another, causing him to die if he attempts to jump across.
  9. The game's bosses are ridiculously easy, even the final boss, Brain-O.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's easy to rack up extra lives in this game.
  2. The music is decent.
  3. The Game Gear Version is an improvement Over the NES version With better graphics and more responsive controls


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Bartman Meets Radioactive Man received negative reviews from critics. GamePro magazine gave it a 2.5/5 rating, while Game Players gave the game a 44/100 rating.



  1. Published for Sega Game Gear under the Flying Edge brand.


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