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The Shaky Game

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The Shaky Game
The Shaky Game promo.jpg
"OH DEAR!! a bat bit you.”
Genre(s): Arcade
Platform(s): ZX Spectrum
Release: November 1983
Engine: BASIC
Publisher(s): Olympic Software
Country: United Kingdom

The Shaky Game is a 1983 video game made by Olympic Software, and is based on the 1980s Welsh pop musician Shakin' Stevens.

This game wasn't released separately; it was included as part of his "The Bop Won't Stop" cassette album and as side 2 of his "The Ole House" single.

Introduction from Shaky

Hi, this is Shaky. If you got a Sinclair Spectrum 48K (pronounced four-eight K) computer, why don't you try my game? The program follows shortly. If you haven't, please fast forward to the end of the tape so that you can listen to the album again.

Why It’s Shaky in a Bad Way

  1. Incredibly barebones and primitive gameplay for ZX Spectrum standards, and it plays more like a ZX81 game. It also requires a 48K model of the Spectrum to run, despite the fact it looks like it could easily run on the 16K model, especially since it runs in BASIC.
  2. The game is a poor rip-off of the game Head-On.
  3. Really annoying buzzing sound.
  4. The controls are incredibly unresponsive due to the game being made in BASIC.
  5. The bats are really hard to avoid, as they move in random places and sometimes teleport right next to the player.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. As mentioned before, this game came free with Shakin' Stevens' album, which is rather unique for a computer game.



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