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The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian

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The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian
"Set will conquer all!" - Magus
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Beat 'em up
Platform(s): Nintendo GameCube
PlayStation 2
Release: September 12, 2002
Developer(s): Point of View Inc.
Publisher(s): Universal Interactive Studios
Series: The Scorpion King

The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian is a 2002 action-adventure game that is a prequel to the Scorpion King film.

Why It Sucks

  1. Apep’s lips don’t even move while he talks.
  2. The combat system and gameplay is bland that it feels like a clone of The Legend of Zelda.
  3. During gameplay, Andre Soguillzo voiced Matahyus. In the cutscenes, he’s voiced by Dwayne Johnson.
  4. Magus is a desperate Jafar wannabe who simply wants to take over the world.
  5. The game has an avenge your father’s death cliche which was perfected in The Lion King.
  6. The game was rushed to when the film came out on VHS and DVD.
  7. The graphics are blocky and look more like a late PS1 game.
  8. The game can be completed for 5 hours.
  9. Hammet being Magus’ disguise has little to no foreshadowing.
  10. The music aside from I Stand Alone is generic.
  11. The levels aren’t replayable even though there are rubies to collect, which means you have to do a perfect playthrough.
  12. The game also has a MacGuffin cliche with the two halves of the Sword of Osiris, which also appears in the more well-received Game Boy Advance game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Dwayne Johnson returned to voice Mathayus in the cutscenes.
  2. The voice work by the other voice actors such as Billy West, Daran Norris, Earl Boen, Gregg Berger, Rino Romano and Mark Hamill are pretty good.
  3. I Stand Alone by Godsmack is heard at the title screen.
  4. The concept of making the game a prequel instead of basing it off the film is quite fresh despite the poor execution.
  5. The game comes with featurettes and trailers featuring Dwayne Johnson.
  6. The game has a more respectful portrayal of Set compared to the reviled 2017 Mummy film.



Rise of the Akkadian received mixed to negative reviews compared to the film it derived from.


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