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The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage

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The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage
The Powerpuff Girls Relish Rampage PS2 cover art.jpg
This game will make you hate relish!
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Release: PlayStation 2
NA: November 24, 2002
EU: December 13, 2002

EU: December 13, 2002
NA: October 15, 2003
Developer(s): VIS Entertainment
Publisher(s): BAM! Entertainment
Series: Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage is a video game released in the United States for the GameCube and Playstation 2 on November 24, 2002. The game was developed by VIS Entertainment and published by BAM! Entertainment. An Xbox version was planned but was cancelled.


Mojo Jojo is fed up with The Powerpuff Girls. He's invented a scheme to put all of Townsville under his mind control...Radio Jojo! But Mojo doesn't know his sour signals are strong enough to summon aliens to invade Townsville! The Powerpuff Girls must defeat Mojo and annihilate the aliens before the Townsville citizens become aliens forever! Battle your way through level upon level of interesting missions and outrageous clashes in a 3D Townsville world. The survival of everyone's favorite superheroes, The Powerpuff Girls, depends on you!

Bad Qualities

  1. Terrible controls.
  2. The city looks too flat when cruising around.
  3. Bad writing.
  4. The missions are extremely repetitive which don't seem to be balanced correctly along with only a couple of different ones.
  5. Poor sounding sound effects.
  6. The game is extremely short.
  7. The voice acting gets repetitive such as the characters saying a few different versions of the same thing.
  8. The boss battles are too boring as the animation is limited due to the lack of variety in their movement where they hardly move or change styles. They just stand around and shoot at you.
  9. There are many dead ends in the city which can make the missions hard.
  10. Your basic fighting consists of just punches and kicks, but most of the damage is done with special moves which you really don't need except for the Laser Eyes attack.
  11. There's not much of a strategy in any of the battles since every fight requires the same technique.
  12. Most of the missions can be beaten in only a few minutes.
  13. The last chapter has only a couple of missions.
  14. All three girls share the same health bar rather than each having her own health bar. Even Natalie, Alex & Dylan from Charlie's Angels had their own health bars.
  15. The targeting system is absolutely atrocious and extraordinarily flaky.
  16. Horrible camera.
  17. Since the camera is fairly passive and you'll end up facing to the side or towards the camera at times, it can make locking onto your intended target very frustrating during fights where there are multiple enemies around.
  18. The targeting system sometimes locks onto something other than what you're pointed at, which can be even more frustrating than refusing to lock onto anything at all.
  19. Everything seems to work fine while you're just flying down the open city streets, but numerous problems occur when attempting to maneuver around in tight spaces or where there are multiple objects or enemies.
  20. The girls will sometimes get stuck on things when you're moving through tight areas.
  21. Sometimes, you'll get stuck between a couple objects, enemies or citizens while trying to fight something. You often won't even be able to fly upward at these points, and your only hope is to finish off whatever you were fighting before five enemies tear you a new one.
  22. No co-op mode, which could have easily been done by making player 2 play as a Powerpuff Girl that player 1 wasn’t playing as.
  23. The navigation arrow never accounts for the walls that are in the way.
  24. The GameCube port was only sold in Toys “R” Us making it hard to find.
  25. The cutscenes look very bad as they use the same graphics as with the gameplay. Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse had more effort in their cutscenes than this.

Good Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is OK.
  2. The original voice actors from the show reprise their roles.
  3. It introduced us to new villains named the Pickloids.
  4. The dialogue in the cutscenes is pretty funny.
  5. It is technically the only open world Powerpuff Girls game to date.
  6. The levels and missions can be replayed.
  7. Despite the bad writing, it is like a sequel to “Beat Your Greens”.
  8. The GameCube port has more animation while the girls are talking during gameplay.
  9. The presentation is quite good.
  10. Many of the old villains appear aside from Mojo Jojo such as the Gangreen Gang, Princess Morbucks and Sedusa.
  11. The narrator makes some good quotes whenever a game over happens such as “And so once again, the day is not saved!”
  12. The humor is kind of funny and even includes some decent political satire.



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