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The Incredibles (video game)

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The Incredibles
This is the Dark Souls of licensed games.
Protagonist(s): Bob "Mr. Incredible" Parr
Helen "Elastigirl" Parr
Violet Parr
Dash Parr
Lucius "Frozone" Best (GBA only)
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo GameCube
PlayStation 2
Release: NA: October 28, 2004
EU: November 5, 2004
DE: November 22, 2004
JP: December 2, 2004
Engine: RenderWare
Developer(s): Heavy Iron Studios (Consoles and PC)
Beenox (PC)
Helixe (GBA)
Lavastorm (mobile)
Publisher(s): WW: THQ
JP: D3 Publisher
Country: United States
Series: The Incredibles
Successor: The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer

The Incredibles is an action-adventure game developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by THQ. Released in 2004, around the time as the movie of the same name, player takes control of the Parr family following a plot that is similar to the movie. The game was released for Game Boy Advance, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Mobile, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.

Bad Qualities

Note: This will only talk about the home console and PC versions.

  1. The GameCube version's graphics look bad, making the characters look really uncanny.
  2. The camera is inverted and the only way to change it is via a cheat code into the secrets screen (which is 'INVERTCAMERAX' and 'INVERTCAMERAY').
  3. As soon as the starting screen appears, Frozone starts rushing you to start the game; while this is common for games from this generation to do this (usually standing idle for a few minutes triggers something like this), this game does it immediately.
  4. The title screen looks really generic; with only the selection choices, a picture of the Parr family in their super suits on the left, and the game's title on the top.
  5. The game is very unfair, as it throws groups of enemies right at you at times (there is thankfully a code to rid your surroundings of enemies: SMARTBOMB).
  6. The game doesn't teach you certain moves, for example, hitting the jump button while crouching turns into a dodge (which is something that must be known to beat some bosses).
  7. Level endings are hit-or-miss; sometimes they end perfectly and other times they end abruptly.
  8. Boss levels range from tedious to painfully long.
    • For the Bomb Voyage fight (the first boss fight) you have to throw bombs back at him; however he only throws them at you every couple of minutes, so, for the most part, you're either waiting or dodging his other attacks.
    • For the Omnidroid battle, you have to throw rocks at its head; however, it doesn't give you enough time to throw the rocks, and if you get hit by it while holding a rock, the rock will break. Even if you empty its health bar, it will refill because the Omnidroid has three health bars.
    • What's even more tedious is that the Omnidroid shows up again two levels later, with no changes to the fight (there is a code that defeats the first two Omnidroids in one hit: Kronos).
    • The third Omnidroid is actually different, and while it is fun, it is also aggravating. Most of the time you have to protect Frozone, Dash and Violet, and later help Mrs. Incredible destroy the Omnidroid with its hand with terrible aiming controls. Failing any of these restarts the whole battle.
  9. Mr. Incredible constantly quips and breaks any immersion present in the game, often saying that his enemy was "pulling punches" for no reason.
  10. There is a model in the game (used in a newspaper that states that the Supers are being sued and during the rescue scene in the burning building) that doesn't match the other models in the game and looks like a Muppet.
  11. In the cutscene after the third level, there is a newspaper page detailing the superhero lawsuit, and it shows two characters (a man in a superhero suit and another in a regular suit-and-tie) which are just Mr. Incredible's model with minor changes to his outfit. In fact, the photos are so grainy that it looks like they just drew over a picture of him with a Sharpie.
  12. The game focuses mainly on Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.
    • Jack-Jack is completely absent from the game.
    • Frozone is not a playable character. However, he is playable in the Game Boy Advance version (see GQ#6).
    • Dash only has two levels, one of which has nothing to do with the main plot of the game.
    • Violet only gets one level in the game, and it's the worst one of all.
  13. As stated before, Violet's level is the worst level in the whole game. It is a stealth mission where she must sneak past Syndrome's guards. However, she dies in one hit, the guards in this level do not have proper stealth mechanics, and her 'incredi-meter' drains quickly, meaning she can't stay invisible for long.
    • Even using cheats for this mission (mainly the infinite incredi-power cheat, which is "TONYLOAF") doesn't help much, as it ends really quickly; meaning you have to constantly pause the game and put the cheat in over and over.
  14. There is a world map on the level select, but it is pointless since you barely see the whole map because it is in the bottom right corner of the mission select screen.
  15. The general missions are about as long and tedious as the boss levels, as a majority of them involve turning switches, jumping to platforms, turning more switches, fighting some unfair enemies, and repeat, with only a couple checkpoints in between. If you fall off a platform (even if it is two inches off the ground) you will die and go back to the beginning. This will happen a lot since some jumps are extremely hard to pull off and some platforms are poorly designed.
  16. There is a horde mode unlocked at the end of the game, which is still unfair as you are trapped in a small room with 100 enemies surrounding you and an occasional boss.
    • Although the PS2, PC and GameCube versions of the game had this mode in already, it was DLC for the Xbox version.
  17. These versions of the game are rated T for Teen, it makes no sense as it doesn’t have any content that could give it a T rating, they could’ve rated it E for Everyone like they did for the Game Boy Advance version. (Keep in mind that the E10+ rating didn’t exist at the time)

Good Qualities

  1. The voice actors do a good job (including Samuel L. Jackson, the voice of Frozone, and Jason Lee, as the voice of Buddy Pine).
  2. Some levels (the first few levels, the Incredi-Ball Rolling level, the final boss) are better than the rest of the game.
  3. The graphics in the Xbox and PC version are really nice and detailed. The PS2 version is close to being just as good. Same can't be said for GameCube (see BQ#1).
  4. Michael Giacchino, the composer from the movie, returns to compose the OST for the game.
  5. The concept art is cool to look at.
  6. The Xbox version always runs at 60 FPS.
  7. Additionally, you can play as Frozone in the GBA version.


  • There are some cool cheats, where you can change the appearances of the game, characters, and menus. Examples of cheats include:
    • EINSTEINIUM (makes your character's head bigger)
    • DEEVOLVE (shrinks your character's head)
    • ATHLETESFOOT (makes your character have a fire trail)
    • TOWNIE (makes Mr. Incredible glow when he swims)
    • PINKSLIP (plants burn when Mr. Incredible walks by them)
    • KRONOS (makes your character have a blurry trail (and defeat the first two Omnidroids in one hit)
    • HI (displays the Heavy Iron Studios logo)
    • BWTHEMOVIE (makes the game go in slow motion)
    • SASSMODE (makes the game go faster)
    • YOURNAMEINLIGHTS (displays the credits)
    • BOAPLACE (makes the game 20% easier)
    • LOSTGLASSES (makes the game blurry)
    • SMARTBOMB (destroys every henchman in your path)
    • SHOWTIME (gives Mr. Incredible infinite Incredi-Power for about 30 seconds)
    • FLEXIBLE (gives Mrs. Incredible infinite Incredi-Power for about 30 seconds)
    • GILGENDASH (Dash is invincible to any collision)
    • DANIELTHEFLASH (gives the player infinite Incredi-Power for 30 seconds, heal 50% of health, and deal twice the amount of damage done to henchmen)
    • TONYLOAF (gives Violet infinite Incredi-Power for about 30 seconds)
    • EMODE (turns on ethernal mode)
    • INVERTTURRET (inverts turret controls)
    • INVERTCAMERAX (inverts camera on the X axis)
    • INVERTCAMERAY (inverts camera on the Y axis)
    • UUDDLRLRBAS (heals 25% of health)
    • SPRINGBREAK (henchmen bounce more)
    • LABOMBE (reduces damage done by bombs)
    • DANDRUFF (shrapnel of the henchmen still appear, even after defeat)
    • BHUD (turn the HUD on or off)
  • In "Late for School", the Eggman Movers Truck from Toy Story appears.
  • Heavy Iron hides a picture of its studio in Apartment Inferno as one of the building's many photos, and their name is hidden on many license plates on cars throughout Municiberg.
  • The Pizza Planet truck appears (it was absent in the movie).
  • This is the only Pixar game to receive a T rating by the ESRB (except the GBA version which has an E rating).



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