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The First Skunk Bundle

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― Todd Howard
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This game stinks so much, that actually owning a pet skunk is much better than playing this game!

The First Skunk Bundle is a collection of five games released by Skunk Software and Justin Sargent on September 1, 2016, for the Wii U. The five games are Haunted Hotel, Snake Classic, Catchy, Bomb Blaster, and Zombie Epic.

The Five Games in the Collection

Bomb Blaster is a game where you place bombs to make all the enemies on the map fall off the screen. You have a limited amount of bombs and if you fail you have to start the level over.

Haunted Hotel is a first person horror exploration game where your only goal is to get to the roof. Some levels of the hotel will require you to find keys to unlock them. You must also keep your flashlight running by finding and using the batteries scattered all over the hotel.

Snake Classic is a rendition of the traditional Snake game. Your goal is to grow your snake as long as you can by consuming dots. Be sure to avoid the wall and your own tail.

Catchy is a 3D puzzle adventure game with levels that increase in difficulty the further you advance. You explore a tomb to find the exit. There are fifty levels in this game.

Zombie Epic is a bloody top-down zombie survival game with both story and survival modes.

Why It Smells Like a Skunk

  1. A weird clicking noise is played when you start the game.
  2. The five games included in the collection are incredibly inconsistent in quality, with one or two of the games being decent and the rest being subpar to terrible games. This makes it seem like the games were developed by different people.
  3. The only enjoyable game is Bomb Blaster.
  4. The game is infused with bad toilet humor and 420 and 1337 (leet) memes. There is someone submerged in a wall firing diarrhea through a wall, feces are put in multiple toilets without water, some soldier in Zombie Epic shits his pants, and an item is named the "Floor 4 Room 20 Key". One of the default high scores for Snake Classic is 1337.
  5. The Haunted Hotel game has the cliched flashlight that runs out of power quickly and you need to find batteries to power it.
  6. The ghosts in the Haunted Hotel do absolutely nothing.
  7. Cheap pop up jump scares in the Haunted Hotel game.
  8. The frame rate is abysmal in the Haunted Hotel game.
  9. Poorly made geometry in the Haunted Hotel game. A room is blocked off by a wall extending past the door frame and a wall protrudes from the wall with significant Z-Flickering.
  10. The Haunted Hotel game has a person that clips through a wall, who clips further into the wall over time. He has diarrhea and you must extract a key from his buttocks.
  11. The Haunted Hotel game has multiple cameras that face a wall.
  12. The Haunted Hotel game has an inventory system with twelve slots, and you will only ever fill two slots at most as only one key is found on each floor and the key breaks after unlocking the correct door.
  13. The rock music played in the Haunted Hotel game conflicts with the horror theme of the game, failing to set an appropriate mood for the game. The same music plays throughout the entire game, which can get annoying quickly.
  14. One of the lines that play in the music track for the Haunted Hotel reads "She's got a Mercedes-Benz..." which is completely out of place in a game which is supposed to be horror themed. What does a Mercedes-Benz car have to do with horror?
  15. There is always a red arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen, and if you click it the game exits immediately. This is a problem as there is no save feature in the Haunted Hotel game.
  16. Confusing name for the Catchy game. There are no objects to catch, and the game is set inside a tomb where you walk around to find an exit.
  17. The Catchy game has ugly graphics with textures that are not filtered, making the textures look pixelated.
  18. You move very slowly in the Catchy game and the controls feel like you're controlling a robot.
  19. There is a glitch in the Catchy game where if you stand on a disappearing block when it disappears you don't fall until you move. Another glitch can occur where you fall through a moving platform when you move directly into it.
  20. The player character in Catchy has an awkward jumping animation where it looks like he was pushed forward instead of actually jumping forward because he doesn't actually gain height from the jump.
  21. In the Snake Classic game, you can die by redirecting to the opposite direction of where you're currently going, as you will go inside your own body.
  22. There is a lot of copyrighted music in the game which is obviously not created by the developer of the game.
  23. This game is not a budget title! The game used to cost $25 dollars which is far too high for a game that takes less than 2 hours to complete. As a matter of fact, the games by themselves were supposed to sell for over $100 dollars in total.
  24. When this game was free to download people abused the My Nintendo rewards system to get 30 points out of the game and then deleted the game.


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