The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood

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If you think this is Bulleta, you're wrong...

The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood is a 2013 RPG Maker "horror" "game" by Charon, a Japanese group of indie game developers.

The game retells us a classic story of Red Riding Hood, but with dark "twists". Red Riding Hood is told to visit her grandmother, but she must be careful of the wolf and not stray from the road...

Why It Sucks

  1. The game has no actual gameplay, you just walk through the forest and get the ending (depends of which way you choose). You can get all endings in 20 minutes.
  2. Some people may consider it to be a very cheap The Path ripoff.
  3. The essence this game is what Trollpasta Wiki calls "POINTLESS VIOLENCE TOTALLY MAKES IT SCARY U GUIZE". The endings are violent and grotesque, also one of them features a (thankfully, not explicit) picture of Red Riding Hood being raped. The original folk tale also was violent, but it (probably) was intended to teach children not to trust to strangers. But this game's "plot" just makes no sense.
  4. The ending, characters' intentions and even the contents of your basket depend of which way you choose, which makes even less sense.
  5. The categories of endings are inverted: The Bad Endings are labeled as the "TRUE END 1-5" and the only Good End where nobody gets murdered, eaten or raped is labeled as the "BAD END". In other words, the whole purpose of this game is to satisfy the mentally insane people by having them see the main protagonist getting killed, eaten or raped!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The art style may be interesting. The fact that it's pixelated also helps.