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The Crow: City of Angels

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The Crow: City of Angels
Crow City of Angels Box Art.jpg
"Hey clown face!"
Genre(s): Beat-em-up
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Sega Saturn
Sony PlayStation
Release: February 28, 1997 (PS1, NA)
Developer(s): Gray Matter Inc.
Publisher(s): Acclaim
Country: Canada
"There were no games based on The Crow. Nada, diddly-fuckin'-squat. Then came the shitty sequel, The Crow: Shitty of Angels! HO HO! Now it's time to make a game!"
The Angry Video Game Nerd

The Crow: City of Angels is a 1997 video game that was released on the PC, Sega Saturn and the PlayStation. It was published by Acclaim and developed by Gray Matter Inc. It is loosely based on the movie of the same name.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor grasp of the source material: in the movie, Ashe Corven is immune to guns. In the video game adaptation, however, he is vulnerable to guns and dies quickly to them.
  2. The camera is very jittery and shaky. For those who suffer from motion sickness, this could easily get them sick!
  3. The models and pre-rendered backgrounds are grainy and lack texture. For a late 1990s game, it already looked dated on release.
  4. The camera angles often blindside you, leading to inescapable ambushes. You will sometimes be jumped by enemies during screen transitions.
  5. The combat is complicated for a beat-'em-up. You do have punches and kicks, but you will often see them go through your enemies.
  6. The controls are not very good. To make an already unenjoyable experience worse, they decided to use tank controls, only because Resident Evil (1996) made it popular. These controls are not meant for a beat-'em-up game, as it makes combat harder than it already is.
  7. Furthermore, enemies are usually heavily armed, meaning you will have to be careful with them later on. They will often kill you very easily if they have rocket launchers and you are currently unarmed.
  8. The weapons enemies use are randomly generated when they spawn. This could pit the player against powerful rocket launcher-toting enemies, leading to cheap deaths.
  9. The collision detection is suspect at best. You will often have your punches and kicks go right through enemies.
  10. The music is just generic rock music that is mostly guitar riffs over and over.
  11. When you get weapons, not only do they have limited ammo, but they are difficult to aim, due to the already bad controls mentioned above. This often leads to the player taking unnecessary damage if they attempt to use these weapons.


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  • The Crow: City of Angels received overwhelmingly negative reviews from video game magazines and critics.



  • This game would be the last video game developed by Gray Matter Inc., which closed its studios a couple of months after it was released due to financial problems.


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