The Blues Brothers

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The Blues Brothers
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"Oh, concert over? I'LL SAY IT IS!" - Nostalgia Critic
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: NES
September 1992
June 1993
Developer: Titus Interactive
Publisher: Titus Interactive
Made in: France

The Blues Brothers is a platformer developed by Titus Software and based on the movie of the same name. It was released on various different platforms, though this page will focus primarily on the NES (1992) and Super Nintendo (1993) versions of the game.

Why It Sucks

Both versions

  1. Loose controls.
  2. No attempt at adapting the movie's plot faithfully.
  3. Enemies have almost nothing to do with the film.

NES only

  1. Unintuitive level design, The clouds high up in the 1st level look like they're part of the background but are in fact platforms the player has to jump across in order to complete the level. Another instance in one of the later levels is a spring the player has to jump on which blends in with the rest of the level scenery.
  2. Moving platforms that you have to repeatedly jump on that disappear from under you if you stand on them for too long. This can cause the player to fall back down to earlier points in the level and lose progress.
  3. Only 5 levels, the game can be beaten in little over 10 minutes.
  4. Poor enemy AI.
  5. The only enemy that has anything to do with the film is the Nazis (the Amiga version, which this game is a far inferior port of, had more enemies that tied in with the film that were removed due to Nintendo's censorship policies).
  6. The player has almost no way of attacking most enemies.
  7. The player moves too fast out of the water and too slow underwater, which makes doing precision jumps from underwater to above the water's surface nearly impossible.

SNES only

  1. Levels have absolutely nothing to do with the film, and the enemy roster consists of such weirdness as sentient lawnmowers and bear-traps.
  2. Very repetitive level design, the only 4 types of environment in the game are a forest, a forest in a sunset, a generic factory area, and an area outside the factory level.
  3. On the topic on both the levels and the enemy roster, some of them are a complete rip off of Sonic The Hedgehog.
  4. There are cakes in each level that you can get that can make you stronger, which makes no sense.
  5. Inconsistent and unbalanced difficulty between levels: Some are short and easy and have a large time limit, whilst some are long and force the player to rush through under a tight time limit, with no way of attacking enemies.
  6. Some levels start the player with 0 records, which makes no sense as they are your only form of attack.
  7. The game doesn't even let you keep any extra records you pick up between stages, which (like in topic 5) makes no sense.
  8. The game plays an annoying voice sample every time you pick up a record (the "Yeah" part of the "Yeah! Woo!" drum break).
  9. Irritating music, including a sped-up remix of "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love".
  10. The climbable chains in the factory levels are annoying due to the player still being able to move left/right whilst on them and the player has to be in the exact center of the chain to grab onto it.
  11. Any sort of precision platforming is made difficult by your character sliding whenever they come to a stand-still as if they're on the ice.
  12. The background in the outdoor levels and main menu consist of ugly gradients.
  13. Some levels require you to ride a snake and fly over a bottomless pit while dodging obstacles. This is almost impossible due to the snake being difficult to control, the fact that it floats up and down constantly even while you're keeping it still, and the fact that if you even touch anything, you get knocked off of the snake and immediately fall to your death if there is no platform below the two of you.
  14. The plot has nothing to do with the film, the objective (supposedly) is to free the Blues brothers from a magic jukebox that they got trapped in, however, to beat each level you have to get to a jukebox.
  15. Horrible ending.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics are passable.
  2. The hit detection is decent.


This SNES version of this game is the second game the Nostalgia Critic has reviewed, originally included as an extra on one of his DVDs.



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