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That Really Hot Chick

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― Todd Howard
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That Really Hot Chick
That Really Hot Chick.png
This, along with other games made by Horrendous Games, ARE HORRENDOUS! Thus, the company name behind it.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Xbox 360
Release: August 27, 2011
Developer(s): Horrendous Games
Publisher(s): Horrendous Games

That Really Hot Chick is an indie side-scrolling action game released on Xbox Live Indie Games in 2011 and developed by Horrendous Games.[1]


Information about the game was first posted on July 4, 2011.[2] After three submissions, That Really Hot Chick was approved and fully released.

As it later turns out, "Horrendous Games" was one of Chloe Sagal's aliases,[3] used after they were initially banned from The Daily Klick, a community dedicated to Multimedia Fusion, for harassment towards another user. The game had a short development cycle of just six months and was stated to have performed badly, only selling 30 copies. After the game's failure, Chloe Sagal abandoned the "Horrendous Games" persona and left some of the staff unpaid for their work.[4]

Stephen DiDuro, who used to be an admin of The Daily Klick and was commissioned to create most of the game's tiles and character sprites, would later go on to create Freedom Planet.

Why It's a Really Horrendous Chick

  1. False advertising: Published as a "music" game, the game misleads people into thinking that jumps would have to be timed to the music. While this can apply to the tutorial stage, later stages don't have jumps that really match up.
    • For some reason, they also decided to put random stock images of women on the game's cover and title screen.
  2. The stages are way too lengthy. It does not help that the game has no checkpoints, meaning that getting hit by any hazard has you restart the whole stage.
  3. Poor map design, the hazards are placed without too much thought put into it.
  4. Bad collision detection.
  5. The game's desert stage is unbeatable. In one section, you have to a jump over a cactus and then across a pit. Due to a pot being placed at the bottom of the next jump, however, you will collide with it if you pull short. And if you make a pixel-perfect jump and landed on the pot, you end up in a position where the next jump cannot be made.
  6. Lackluster, cel-shaded "HD" sprites without any anti-aliasing.
  7. Stiff animations that lack fluidity.
  8. Boring background aesthetics.
  9. Generic background music. Also, the stage tracks all have a strange hiccup at the start.
  10. There are next to no sound effects present throughout the game except for the "BAM!" sound when you hit a hazard.



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