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That's Life and That's Life 2

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That's Life and That's Life 2
That's Life 2.jpg
The ultimate tool for The Sims, with a whole load of stolen custom content!
Genre(s): Mod pack
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: 2001 (That's Life)
2002 (That's Life 2)
Publisher(s): X Media Publishing
Series: The Sims

"You made some awesome stuff for your favourite game and released it for free, only to have it snatched up and sold without your permission by a shameless shovelware publisher? Well, that's life!"

That's Life and That's Life 2 are unofficial expansion packs for The Sims made by German studio X Media Publishing, released in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

Why They Suck

  1. The expansion packs contain stolen fanmade items from fansites like 7 Deadly Sims, The Sims Resource, Sim Freaks and so on.
    • While this was pretty common for unofficial expansions for games that were released in the mid-late 90s, The Sims was a game that encouraged custom content, and the mods in That's Life were used without consent of the original modders.
  2. The packs full of stolen mods were sold in stores, whereas said items on the discs can already be found on the internet for free.
  3. The disc for That's Life 2 features an unskippable ominous logo of X Media that plays every time you start the autorun.
  4. The Simoleons (main currency of The Sims) in That's Life 2 are referred to as "Credits" for some unknown reason.
  5. Gambling mini-games in That's Life 2, like the slot machines and the shell game, are completely luck-based, especially since the shell game doesn't have proper animations.
  6. The 3D virtual store that came with That's Life 2 is incredibly buggy and unstable, sometimes causing the game to crash.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the packs credit some of the original mod authors.
  2. The virtual store in That's Life 2 is kinda cool, since players can explore it in 3D, as the original Sims game is played from a 2D isometric perspective, and in a first-person view, years before The Sims 4 added an option to play in a first-person view with a free patch.
  3. In an ironic twist, the mod packs had the unintended consequence of preserving mods that would otherwise be lost to history, although most of the mods included are still available from their original sites anyway.


Both That's Life and That's Life 2 recieved negative feedback from the Sims community, to the point that they made a petition to have both mod packs removed from stores.



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