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Tencent is still stucking at unoriginal loophole as usual.
Developer(s): Tencent
Initial Release: July 2019
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows

GameLoop (formerly Tencent Gaming Buddy) is an Android emulator, app store, and streaming provider service developed by Tencent released around mid-2019.

GameLoop was first released as Tencent Gaming Buddy to serve as an official emulator for PUBG Mobile on PC. After a favorable reception from PUBG fans, Tencent later expanded the platform to support other games, as well as including support from streaming services NonoLive and NimoTV.

Why It Sucks

  1. False advertising: On the launcher's website, Tencent displayed several PC games as a "supported games" including Portal 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and Apex Legends as well as labelled it as a "free games" to confuse the viewers despite GameLoop is only an Android emulator.
  2. Despite claiming that the launcher was built specifically for gaming, it suffers from optimization problems;
    • Many games suffered from wrongly displayed textures and models.
    • The launcher sometimes has a trouble while running small-sized games (such as lagging and occasional freezing), this also includes various "hyper casual" games made by Voodoo.
    • Sometimes, the game doesn't even launch at all.
  3. Unlike most of Android emulators, you cannot install any apps except for the "supported" ones available for download on the launcher. You can't even install the app via APK.
    • It should be noted that most of these "supported" games have only preset keyboard configurations and thus do not require any complex technical modification to make it "compatible" with the emulator.
  4. The launcher occasionally resets itself when you close it, this means various settings on the emulator as well as account sign in will be reset to default and forces you to log in and set up the emulator all over again.
    • This also caused some game's progress to be reset as well.
  5. For odd reasons, some games on the platform were region-locked mostly due to the launcher doesn't "support" an international version (and thus not available for download). A notable example includes Azur Lane, in which only the Chinese region is available.
  6. Despite being advertised as a "gaming emulator launcher", GameLoop features several mature dating apps and vlogging platforms such as Tinder, TikTok, and Bigo Live which featured several adult-oriented content. The fact that the launcher doesn't have age restriction and rating for apps doesn't help either.
  7. The review system on the launcher is rigged and partically useless; you cannot wrote a review of a game on the platform and instead the launcher features "highest rated" positive reviews from the Google Play's app page (especially a "featured" app made by Tencent's subsidiary) that can easily be seen as a review written and mass-upvoted by bots.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. GameLoop has built-in support for mobile streaming services NonoLive and NimoTV, as well as an easy-to-use screen recorder in which you can use it for live streaming and video sharing.


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