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|Release Date=
|Delist Date=
|Game Engine=


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Using the following:

|Picture = <tabber>Standard Edition=[[File:ME-Andromeda.jpg|330px]]|-|Deluxe Edition=[[File:WHYYYYYYYYYYYY.jpg|330px]]|-|Super Deluxe Edition=[[File:Andromeda-Super-Deluxe.jpg|330px]]</tabber>
|Quote = [[Mass Effect 3's ending|''Mass Effect 3'''s ending]] was just the beginning of the downfall of this franchise.
|Protagonist = Pathfinder Ryder
|Genre = Action role-playing
|Rating = ESRB: M<br>PEGI: 16
|Platforms = [[mh:awesomegames:Microsoft Windows]]<br>[[mh:awesomegames:PlayStation 4]]<br>[[mh:awesomegames:Xbox One]]
|Release Date = March 21, 2017
|Delist Date=
|Country = Canada
|Game Engine = Frostbite 3
|Developer = BioWare
|Publisher = [[Electronic Arts]]
|Franchise = ''Mass Effect''
|Prequel = ''[[mh:awesomegames:Mass Effect 3]]''
|Sequel=''Mass Effect Legendary Edition'' <small>(by release date)</small>

Results in the following (normally aligned on the right of the screen):

Mass Effect 3's ending was just the beginning of the downfall of this franchise.
Protagonist(s): Pathfinder Ryder
Genre(s): Action role-playing
Rating(s): ESRB: M
PEGI: 16
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release: March 21, 2017
Engine: Frostbite 3
Developer(s): BioWare
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Country: Canada
Series: Mass Effect
Predecessor: Mass Effect 3
Successor: Mass Effect Legendary Edition (by release date)