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|Release Date=
|Delist Date=
|Game Engine=


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Using the following:

|Quote={{Quote|It's no use!|Silver the Hedgehog, hopefully about this game}}
|Protagonist=Sonic the Hedgehog<br>Shadow the Hedgehog<br>Silver the Hedgehog
|Rating = ESRB: E10+<br>PEGI: 12
|Platforms=[[mh:awesomegames:Sony PlayStation|PlayStation]]
|Release Date=Xbox 360<br><small>NA: November 14, 2006<br>EU: November 24, 2006<br>JP: December 21, 2006</small><br>PlayStation 3<br><small>JP: December 21, 2006<br>NA: January 30, 2007<br>EU: March 23, 2007</small>
|Delist Date=
|Game Engine=RenderWare<br>Havok <small>(physics)</small>
|Developer=[[mh:awesomegames:Sonic Team]]
|Country = Japan
|Franchise = ''[[:Category:Sonic the Hedgehog Games|Sonic the Hedgehog]]''
|Prequel = ''[[Shadow the Hedgehog]]''
|Sequel = ''[[mh:awesomegames:Sonic Unleashed (PS3/X360)|Sonic Unleashed]]''

Results in the following (normally aligned on the right of the screen):

"It's no use!"
Silver the Hedgehog, hopefully about this game
Protagonist(s): Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog
Silver the Hedgehog
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Rating(s): ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 12
Platform(s): PlayStation
Release: Xbox 360
NA: November 14, 2006
EU: November 24, 2006
JP: December 21, 2006

PlayStation 3
JP: December 21, 2006
NA: January 30, 2007
EU: March 23, 2007
Engine: RenderWare
Havok (physics)
Developer(s): Sonic Team
Publisher(s): Sega
Country: Japan
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Predecessor: Shadow the Hedgehog
Successor: Sonic Unleashed