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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

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This article is about 2014 game.
You may be looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016 film).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
"A waste of potential? We’ll see about that!"
Genre(s): Action-adventure
Rating(s): ESRB: T
PEGI: 16
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
August 28, 2013
PlayStation 3
April 15, 2014
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Developer(s): Red Fly Studio
Publisher(s): Activision
Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (not to be confused with the 2016 film of the same name) is an action-adventure game developed by Red Fly Studios and published by Activision in 2013. Just like Mutants in Manhattan and the other TMNT games, it was pulled by Activision in January 2017. Although this game came nearly three years before the movie named after it, the plot is unrelated. This game was meant to be Red Fly Studio's first foray into Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 games, after years of porting games to the Wii/DS and a cancelled Star Wars game focusing on Darth Maul.

Why It Should Get Back to the Shadows

  1. The game was delayed many times, with PS3 gaining the worst delay up to March 2014, only eight months after its release on the Xbox 360 and Steam. 
    • To put insult in the wound, none of the major issues Red Fly promised to fix were even fixed, meaning there wasn't even any point in delaying.
  2. The game itself feels like a poor clone of the Batman: Arkham series.
  3. Combat suffers from lack of checkpoints and delayed inputs on the controls. One of the attacks even requires you to spin the right stick, which is also used as the camera, and reviving allies requires you to use the R2+L1 combination buttons, which is an example of awkward control design if the button combinations are unorthodox like having to use the Start/Select buttons and then the L3/R3 buttons on the sticks to do something.
  4. Visual bugs and glitches are rampant, such as times where enemies or the turtles get stuck inside obstacles/walls/mid-air.
  5. Terrible camera system.
  6. Poor AI.
  7. The stages are often-times confusing and labyrinth-like to navigate your way.
  8. The turtles are marketed (not related to the cartoon) but rather realistic and dark. It even got a PEGI/USK 16 for violence (though also strangely a PG rating in Australia, which would be the E10+ equivalent). The game doesn't know if it wants to be based on the cartoon series or not, which had just come out after a year since the game was released. Though, the lack of a Nickelodeon logo on the game itself aside from marketing/boxarts might indicate that this isn't based on the cartoon TMNT but rather the comics, which are intended for older audiences.
  9. Many of the cutscenes are mostly just cartoon comic strips with no animation whatsoever, which also contrasts with the game's dark tone.
  10. The hacking minigame is confusing. Apparently the colored icons can only be controlled by their matching turtle, which isn't explained very well.
  11. Terrible lighting, which sometimes you have to raise the brightness to actually see where you need to go.
  12. Some settings do not work properly. You can't turn off the subtitles, and the subtitles sometimes blend in with the comics/gameplay. Some of the white text in gameplay look like they're from a working prototype or concept demo, especially how they look out of contrast or blend in with the HUD.


TMNT: Out of the Shadows had received negative reviews from critics alike, with the Xbox 360 version getting a 38 on Metacritic.

It however, received a more favorable response from users alike for being faithful to the style of the TMNT, garnering a "Very Positive" rating on Steam, but then as of 2022, with being the few delistings to have the Steam page still up, it currently has a "Mixed (54% out of 623 reviews)" reception.


  • Red Fly Studio would go on to develop another TMNT game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Portal Power for mobile devices.


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