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Techno Cop is an action game made in 1988 for various computer platforms including the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS and ZX Spectrum. These versions were developed by Gremlin Graphics. Later, in 1990, Razorsoft ported it exclusively for Sega Genesis. A NES port was planned by Tengen but was later scrapped.


The game combines pseudo-3D driving sections like Outrun and side-scrolling run-and-gun sections. In the driving sections, the goal is to get through the stage safely while destroying cars along the way. You play as a cop who has a mission to kill or capture a specific suspect in a level. The game is also really violent, because everytime an enemy dies, they blow apart.


Even at its time the game was heavily panned by critics due to its simplistic graphics, sound and the fact that levels looked too similar.

Why it sucks?

  1. Overly simplistic and bland graphics.
  2. In the Genesis version, during the driving stages you have to hold the up button to accelerate. Good idea...
  3. No music during the game play (at least in the Genesis-version)
  4. Repetitive and confusing platforming sections.
  5. Almost a third of the screen is filled by the excessively large HUD.
  6. Pointless and excessive gore, including (for some reason) allowing the player to shoot and murder children