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Team6 Game Studios

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Team6 Game Studios
Codemasters on steroids.
Type: Division
Founded: 2001
Founder(s): Ronnie Nelis
Headquarters: Assen, Netherlands
Key people: Ronnie Nelis
Niels Kleine
Erwin de Vries
Parent: Lion Castle Entertainment
Subsidiaries: Rebel Games
Bee Royale

Team6 Game Studios B.V. (formerly Blimb Entertainment) is a Dutch video game developer founded in 2001 by Ronnie Nelis. They are known for creating racing games that were originally released only in Europe, until they started producing Wii games with worldwide releases, and they're currently focusing on console games.

Their first known game titles for the Wii are Glacier 2 and Pacific Liberator. More recently they developed Glacier 3 and Calvin Tucker's Farm Animal Racing, Battle Metal as well as The Heavy and a FlatOut follow-up for the Nintendo Wii.

Why They and Their Games Are Team0

  1. Awful controls.
  2. Horrible physics. Especially when you collide with the vehicle.
  3. All of the old racing games they made have the same menu and gameplay, this is because they recycled the game engine that they made, similar to Data Design Interactive's PS2/Wii era games.
  4. Bad graphics with poorly done models, especially duck models and Pizza Dude's character models.
  5. Terrible camera angles.
  6. Dreadful sound effects.
  7. Terrible music, especially in old games. Not only are they copied and pasted from other games (including those under the Blimb Entertainment brand), they are also generic techno hammers that make you want to squeal into a glass to make it break.
  8. Almost killed the FlatOut franchise with a butt-ugly third entry, Chaos & Destruction and a terrible FlatOut Wii counterpart.
  9. Their name sounds a little too similar to the more famous Team17, who is known for the Worms franchise.
  10. Ronnie Nelis, the founder of Team6, after the negative reception of FlatOut 3, he was indignant at the reviewers, calling them liars and he called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a beta game, imposing it because according to him the game wasn't finished, buggy and unplayable. He defended his own game, arguing that this isn't a full-priced game, even though it cost €29.99 on release and that many people appreciate this game. And the truth was that people were massively asking for a refund, but Steam could not provide a refund for this game. People felt cheated by developers and insulted them on Steam forum.
  11. They made a "spiritual successor" to SEGA's Crazy Taxi series, called "Taxi Chaos". This game was not well received, to say the least.


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