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Taxi Racer New York 2

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Taxi Racer New York 2
The only taxi you'll want to board is the one that will bring you to the store for a refund.
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: June 4, 2004
Developer(s): Team6 Game Studios
Publisher(s): Magnussoft
Predecessor: Taxi Challenge: New York

Taxi Racer New York 2 is an action-racing game developed by Team6 Game Studios and published by Magnussoft for Microsoft Windows only in Europe.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very generic and monotonous game play. The only thing you need to do is drive a taxi in a replica of New York and gather enough money to pass to the next level. There is only one game mode, a time trial, which is nearly unplayable due to this game's awful driving system and to the fact that customers will go away if you receive too much damage while carrying them.
  2. The graphics are outdated and below average, even for a game made in 2003, looking more like a 1998 PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast racing game. In fact, Need for Speed: Underground (a game released the same year) looks superior over this.
  3. Poor physics: it's nearly impossible to turn the taxi without slipping or even flying off the road, and every time you bump in something you can fly away and the cab can turn upside-down, regardless of the nature of the object you bumped in and your speed. Sometimes you can even keep slipping while turning upside-down! Also, the game gives you a health bar and health pickups, both of which are almost useless since collisions take very little health away.
  4. The title screen calls the game "New York Taxi II". Also, speaking of the title, the main title is very similar to the one of Taxi Racer, published by Stellar Stone.
  5. Glitched artificial intelligence: when you are driving on the sidewalk, customers will just come near you then flee, only to get into the cab when you stop. Other times, you can stop in the middle of the road and the customer will still enter the taxi, instead of waiting for you to come near them.
  6. Most of your customers' requests make no sense. Examples include:
    • A man asking you to bring him to a mafia hideout;
    • A criminal asking you to take him to the Chinese diner;
    • A police officer asking you to bring him to a TV station or the parking lot.
  7. When you find a customer, a time limit will start and you will need to bring the customer to his destination before you run out of time. The problem is that the time limit is inconsistent, ranging from one minute to less than forty seconds. Also, if you are near the customer's destination but the time limit expires, the customer will go away, but will still pay you the fare.
  8. When the time runs out, you are directly sent back to the main menu, without even sending you to a game over screen.
  9. The game literally does not work on modern operating systems. If you try to boot it up on an operating system more recent than Windows XP, nothing will happen, unless using the Compatibility Mode.
  10. The game spells "mafia" as "maffia".
  11. The game uses euro as currency, despite being set in New York. This because the game was made by Team6, which is located in the Netherlands.
  12. When you download the game, you are offered to play a free version only once or to buy the full version. However, there is no limit for how many times you can run the full version.


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