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Taxi Racer

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Taxi Racer
Taxi-Racer EUboxart 160w.jpg
Stellar Stone's debut of making horrible games.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: October 22, 2001
Developer(s): Stellar Stone
Publisher(s): BestBuys Interactive
Country: Ukraine

Taxi Racer is a racing game published by BestBuys Interactive and the first game to be developed by Stellar Stone. It was released for Microsoft Windows in Europe on October 22, 2001.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bad controls.
  2. Awful car handling.
  3. Broken physics: your car can accelerate to ridiculously high speeds if you keep going forward and pressing the brake will make the car come to a dead stop, regardless of factors like speed, weight or acceleration.
  4. Glitched collision detection; you can be 10 feet away from a light post and still knock it down. This causes constant ramming noises to be played as you constantly hit light posts, and sometimes hitting buildings will mess the taxi up and give you a black screen, making the game crash.
  5. Because of the way the game handles movements, holding down the key to accelerate while the cab is staying still and cannot move (for example, when loading passengers), will cause it to rocket through the air and warp to a completely different place from where the player originally stopped. While this can be useful to save time, it's far more common to accidentally collide with and glitch inside buildings, with no way to keep playing besides restarting the game.
  6. The city is poorly designed. In fact, the city looks like a rejected London/Paris mixture.
  7. Most of the textures are photos that were cut and pasted onto the models.
  8. The sound effects are poor.
    • The braking noise doesn't change depending on your speed.
    • Every single item you can knock down makes the same metallic noise, even items you wouldn't expect like trees or bushes.
  9. The time trial mode is near-impossible due to the awful driving model.
  10. The game feels and plays like a pre-alpha version of Grand Theft Auto III or a rejected Midtown Madness 2 prototype. In fact, GTA3 and Taxi Racer were released on the same day!
  11. There are no NPC (non-player character) vehicles besides two other vans that occasionally pass by you. Not to mention, they have no collision detection, so when you came across them, you'll just pass through each other.
  12. London cab textures are ripped from Midtown Madness 2 which was released one year before this game. Needless to mention, the London cab looks worse.
  13. False advertisement: As you see in the cover, there is a yellow 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and an Austin/Carbodies FX4. However Chevrolet is absent from the game in both playable and unplayable forms.


The game was reviewed by Stanburdman, who stated that the only reason he didn't call this the worst game he ever played was because it wasn't the ugliest in terms of graphics. DXFan619's list of the 20 worst games ever has Taxi Racer at #18.


Don't bother about piracy. This is a broken scam that should have been canceled instead of sold. A fan website provides the download here.



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