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Talking Angela

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Talking Angela
Talking Angelica.jpg
At least, Outfit7 tried something original, but it went wrong.
Protagonist(s): Angela
Genre(s): Chatterbot
Platform(s): iOS
Release: iOS
December 18, 2012
January 11, 2013
Developer(s): Outfit7
Publisher(s): Outfit7
Country: Slovenia
Series: Talking Tom & Friends
Successor: My Talking Angela

Talking Angela is a mobile chatterbot app developed and published by Outfit7 as part of the Talking Tom & Friends series. The game was followed by the successor titled My Talking Angela in 2014.

Bad Qualities

  1. Before the game removed the chat feature in 2016, because of how the game asks players personal questions like where they live or if they had a boyfriend/girlfriend, it had many issues.
    • Like mentioned, the game asks players personal questions. Meaning the game might collect your personal info.
    • If you say "Who is an idiot" Angela will reply with "I choose (any insult with a profanity).", which is unacceptable for the game being aimed at the youngest audience.
    • Sometimes she will not respond to what you say, just like many chat bots.
  2. The only things you can buy with your coins is clothing for Angela and drinks.
  3. Like many old Talking Tom & Friends games, Talking Angela lacks of in-game music, making it somewhat silent.
  4. Ever since the chat feature was removed in 2016, all you can do now is let Angela repeat what you say, give her drinks, and fortunes.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent graphics for its time.
  2. Unlike the other games made by Outfit7, there are a few new features in this game, such as the chat feature and fortunes.
  3. The text feature, while flawed, made this game unique from the other games. When working properly and Angela not asking you personal questions, its quite fun to use, and you can learn a lot about Angela's life within the Talking Friends universe.


In February 2013, a hoax spread that the Talking Angela app was controlled by a ring of child predators that would track the user and ask them personal questions (i.e. "What is your name"). This was based on the fact that a man can be seen in the reflection of Angela's eyes[1]. It has been largely been disproved, as there was a setting that would prevent Angela from asking said questions. The hoax was revived in 2014, which led to the app making its way into the top 10 most downloaded iPhone apps. In 2016, Outfit7 removed the app's chat feature.


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