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Madden NFL 22 is fucked up...

AlvaroNovaes-BR (talkcontribs)

According to Angry Joe, Madden NFL 22 became the worst Madden NFL game possible, full of bugs and glitches, hard crashes, false promises, downgrades, lack of innovation, useless new mechanics, blatant copy-pasting and abuse of greed via microtransactions and premium editions, a billion dollar franchise can't make a fully packed game, instead make it half-assed and absolute scam.

MirahezeGDPR a72698f12518ac68a14e657841e4d7bc (talkcontribs)

EA really doesn't care about quality for their sports titles and they're gonna keep the exclusive rights to make sure no other company makes a better game than them. They're the reason I've given up on buying sports games. FUCK EA!

i like this game

Code yellow (talkcontribs)


AlvaroNovaes-BR (talkcontribs)

Sadly the game is just a terrible reskin, full-priced (which the deluxe editions are more expensive) and a excessive mess of insulting microtransactions american football game.

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