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"Definitive" Edition...

Ivanov Quirkafleeg (talkcontribs)

I know it's way too soon to judge, since the Definitive Edition of the GTA trilogy is due to come out tomorrow, but it has been leaked in Australia. And let me tell you...the results are not pretty. Take a look for yourselves:

Unless Rockstar or Grove Street Games (actually rebranded War Drum Studios) patches these games to a playable state, GTA Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is gonna be a contender for the worst remaster, next to XIII (2020) and Warcraft III: Reforged. They can't even get the menu sounds correct, as they used the San Andreas menu sound effects for all three games!

It's like they didn't learn their lesson from this broken "remaster". I can tell that this "Definitive Edition" of the GTA Trilogy is gonna have a page on this wiki.

Maxperture (talkcontribs)

Seeing those leaked gameplay just recently, and it's does look awful, even worse, this came from the same devs who ported the mobile version of GTA SA back to PS3/X360 instead of its original version.

Characters models look too cartoonish, censorship on Phil Cassidy shirt, weird HUD that was just copy pasted from Mobile port of GTA with minor changes..., GTA 5-like weapon/radio selector UI feels weird and unpolished (but atleast its work but wasnt good as GTA 5 one, which doesnt show a cursor when you choose a weapons/radios stations), but not bad as the GTA ripoff from Play Store, and last thing, plus the game UI used wrong sfx (GTA 3 and Vice City both use San Andreas menu UI sounds), according to some gameplay, it's doesnt have original soundtracks (example being Billie Jeans, wasnt readded back to the game). Also minor issues is the fonts is almost entirely Arial-like (which feels like low budget remaster) used on all place (seen it on Vice City onces tho, through on III, its mostly fine), instead of original fonts.

BlazerunX (talkcontribs)

Yeah, censored remasters and remakes is something to be expected nowadays.

TigerBlazer (talkcontribs)

I guess now's a bad time for me to attempt to get into this series, huh?

Ivanov Quirkafleeg (talkcontribs)

Not really. You could try tracking down the original games.

Allistayrian (talkcontribs)

@TigerBlazer Then try the original games, don't care about this remaster.

PituckosTheCockatiel (talkcontribs)

Did they cut the controversial content??

Ivanov Quirkafleeg (talkcontribs)

Well, you won't be hearing any Cuban/Haitian dialogue in the Definitive Edition.

PituckosTheCockatiel (talkcontribs)

That was censored in the Ps3/Xbox 360 version of Vice City so that doesn't count and also it was logical because Rockstar was sued

PituckosTheCockatiel (talkcontribs)

Omg that remaster is beautiful

DeadPixel (talkcontribs)

Reminder that RockStar is delisting the original games for this collection.

LT5 TDI (talkcontribs)

In fact, the remaster is so cool. The only another problem is that the ragdoll pyhsics are still outdated and the fact that Tommy Vercetti still can't swim, Claude is still silent and CJ still can't climb stairs and the damage models are supposed to be the same as the IV models but they reused the damage models from the original games. Also the interiors of the cars should be improved ressembling real life car interiors but instead they use the same low quality interior models. Winshield Wipers should be functional in case that there's rain but this thing is still discarded.

I added the info that CJ swims much slower in this version

Bendezar (talkcontribs)

I thought that this info might be important and valuable.

AlvaroNovaes-BR (talkcontribs)

He runs slower in that version, because the frame limiter is set to 60, instead of 30 like in the original, which breaks the physics.

AlvaroNovaes-BR (talkcontribs)

Oh, I forgot something that the remastered version actually runs in 30 FPS on both consoles, but the physics is still broken, which doesn't make sense.

Bendezar (talkcontribs)

Which means that in the remastered version he swims twice as slow as in the original version.

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