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Take-Two Interactive takes down GTA mods

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Take-Two, haven't you taken any modding lessons from Volition?

On July 17 2021, Ash_735 (a GTA modder) reported that Take-Two Interactive sent several DMCA take down notices to popular GTA mods on and ModDB such as GTA: Underground, GTA: State of Liberty, GTA: LC and more.

On August 10th, 2021, Take-Two also took down other GTA Mods such as Vice Cry: Remastered, OpenManhunt, Liberty Rewind, ViIV and much more.

The reason of this is because Rockstar Games sneakily modified the rules imposed in 2017 (made after the backlash of the discontinuation of OpenIV): Previously, the rules said that Take-Two would not allow content from the 3D Era or from non-Rockstar to be ported to Rockstar titles published after 2007, the edit said that not only is making ported content from any game into a different one disallowed, but it also forbids making new stories, maps, missions and games, meaning original mods such as GTA: The '95 Story or Tiki Island are not allowed anymore.

This choice was made probably due to rumors of Rockstar Games working on a remaster of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, which Rockstar later confirmed with the announcement of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, which was released on current and new-gen consoles on November 11, 2021. Not only that, but in light of the announcement, Rockstar has also decided to delist the original releases of the aforementioned games on digital storefronts starting October 13.

And again, on July 6, 2022, Luke Ross reported that Take-Two sent DMCA take down notices to Flat2VR, a mod that gave VR headset support to games that don't natively have it, such as GTA V, Red Dead Redemption II, and Mafia: Definitive Edition. It is rumored that this takedown was done in light of the upcoming release of a VR version of GTA San Andreas, which was announced by Mark Zuckerberg for the Meta Oculus Rift back in 2021.


The removal of mods by Take-Two caused a massive uproar, with modders, such as Silent, leaving the modding community, fearing that the modding scene will be extinct. The developers of GTA: Underground also quit making mods, and decided to work on their own game as stated on their "The End" YouTube video.

A user named CJWorldGame32125 made a petition on, follow the petition if you want Take-Two to stop taking down mods.

Take-Two has also gained more bad reputation not only among GTA fans, but also among the whole gaming community and have been heavily despised more than before for their cruel actions on the modding community.



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