Super Wario Man (2018-Present)

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Super Wario Man
Profile: Super Wario Man
Style: Criticism, Tops
Date Joined: October 9, 2013
Twitter: @Super Warioman
No. of videos: 135 (More if you count deleted and private videos)
Status: Semi-Active
Subscriber Count: 45,200

Super Wario Man is a Spanish YouTuber using the Textaloud program (more commonly known as Loquendo). Super Wario Man makes mostly reviews and Tops. Unfortunately, its channel and he decayed around 2018.

Bad Qualities

  1. Step from being a good person to being a meaner and more immature person.
  2. Upload some mediocre or bad videos, such as:
    • Sonic Movie Review.
    • FNAF, a mediocre franchise.
    • Detective Pikachu, SAME Bad Video Game Live Action.
  3. He has a sickly fanaticism with Super Varo Blog, he once made a video saying that Super Varo Blog was a god and in a deleted comment from a TierList of Twitter users said that all the people in that TierList were people with mediocre content even though they didn't know many of the people in the TierList and also said they were people that neither their mother knew and that if not this "GOD SUPER VARO BLOG" anyone didn't care, not kidding.
  4. He started insulting too much in his videos, which can be annoying and tirey over time.
  5. Speaking of insulting, the humor of his videos sometimes it's mediocre or meh.
  6. His Twitter account is terrible because he acts like a unfunny clown, gives bad opinions and threat almost everyone who criticizes or insults him.
  7. Their arguments can sometimes be of dubious quality like when he said that Mega-Man games are bad because they are very difficult and frustrating than funny.
  8. He is a nostalgiatard who can come to hate series like Mao Mao or Gravity Falls for using the Calarts style.
  9. Hypocrisy: He claims to be a fan of Sonic when he once said on Ask that Sonic is a Zombie franchise that refuses to die. He has even tried to defend IGN and misinterpreted the phrase "Sonic was never good" thinking that they said that Sonic was never a big deal.

Good Qualities

  1. He was one of the people in humiliating Peluchin Entertainment on many occasions. And was also the one to expose his true colors after Peluchin sent him a video of him murdering his cat.
  2. He was a nice person between 2014 and 2017 and his content was fun.
  3. He still makes good videos like:
    • Disney Argentinian redubbings.
    • Review of Super Smash Bros for 3ds.
    • 7 disturbing moments in Invader Zim.
  4. Part of the humor of his videos is funny.
  5. His video editing is still good and soft.
  6. He still says some good opinions like when he said that Sonic Forces is mediocre.
  7. Sometimes he's a good person and he's also nice to his friends.


  • He is also known for being an Internet meme, being the "Te ardes mucho" (You get very burned) and "GOD SUPER VARO BLOG" memes.
  • Despite being his main channel, the Super Wario Man channel is the fourth account he has made on YouTube, because their previous accounts were deleted for different reasons.
  • He was born on March 13, 1994 and he's 26 years old.


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