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Note:Do not change the bad qualities to "Why He Sucks" and the good qualities to "Redeming Qualities", as the user is considered average, despite the negative review that surrounds him.

Super Wario Man



Profile: Super Wario Man (closed)
Style: Reviews
Date Joined: October 9, 2013
Twitter: @Super Warioman
No. of videos: 135+ (More if you count deleted and private videos)
Schedule: Unscheduled
Status: Semi-Active
Subscriber Count: 45,200+

"Tengo que recordarte cuando uno de tus novios te mando a la mierda por debatirle mamadas como un pedante, donde esta esto de que hay que respetar los gustos diferentes? O claro, eso no aplica conmigo, porque yo no soy de tu Circle Jerk de retrasados, no has aprendido nada (I have to remind you when one of your boyfriends sent you to shit for debating blowjobs like a pedantic, where is this that you have to respect different tastes? Or of course, that does not apply to me, because i am not from your Circle Jerk of retards, you have not learned anything)."

Super Wario Man in a Twitter post against TheMistUser.

Super Wario Man is a former Spanish YouTuber that used Textaloud (better known as Loquendo). Super Wario Man made mostly reviews and tops. Although he was a decent YouTuber, his period behind 2010 to 2013 was the most controversial and unfortunately, his channel has been decayed around 2018.

He had developed a reputation as one of the most hated YouTubers in the Hispanic YouTube community of all time for various reasons. He is still often mocked and parodied to this day.

Bad Qualities


  1. The main problem with their videos was that they suffered from below average writing, filled with embarrassing jokes that not aged very well. His scripts were also filled with unfunny insults and bad arguments, which were poorly-worked and explained. 50% of what he talks about in most of his videos are just rude, which can become irritating that funny.
  2. He used to be a nostalgiatard. He was showing his personal bias against modern cartoons. He disqualified a user in a tournament only because he made a parody of The Amazing World of Gumball, criticized Doompcast/TheRiseOfDiscord for his cartoon tastes and because he made animations in which he killed users he hated, with a Dragon Ball style.[1][2]
  3. Editing, while passable, could be mediocre at some points, particularly in his fight segments where he used primitive effects that didn't age well.
  4. His jokes, although some are decent, mostly were immature and embarrassing that aged poorly, like the times when he joked that SpongeBob and Patrick were gays or the videos edited to be funny but that some did not finish being funny and were more mediocre, he also said Stephen Hillenburg was a pervert just because of SpongeBob and the others live in Bikini Bottom.
  5. Most of his videos contained a lot of meaningless stuffing or forced jokes that lengthened his videos in a lazy way, and for this reason some videos that started well in the middle became mediocre, being the most prominent example Loquendo Fails.
  6. Some of his videos feel quite rushed. Besides that, he also rushed videos and ended up lousy arguing with a comedy below average.
  7. Most images are unfunny, disturbing, rare, obscene, are not used at the right time, they do not go according to the subject and terrible.


  1. His personality has changed a lot, going from a respectable YouTuber who said good arguments and got along with people to an irritating person who gets too angry and gives bad arguments and often doesn't get along with others.
  2. Although his editing is still good, sometimes it is quite simple and is almost always based on images that some in themselves pretend to be funny but simply do not work. Besides that he puts videos, but mostly are generic or they are used at the wrong time.
  3. Uploads some mediocre or bad videos, such as:
    • Opinión a la película de Sonic (Sonic Movie Review).
    • FNAF, una franquicia MEDIOCRE (FNAF, a MEDIOCRE franchise).
    • Detective Pikachu, MISMO Live Action malo de videojuegos (Detective Pikachu, SAME Bad Video Game Live Action).
    • Phineas y Ferb, MIERDA repetitiva y sobrevalorada (Phineas and Ferb, Repetitive and overrated SHIT).
    • Videojuegos que a todos le gustan menos a mí (Video games that everyone likes less me).
    • Pataditas Vol.12: Mario Deluxis, MAINKRALIEBER chillón (KICKS Vol.12: Mario Deluxis, crybaby MAINKRALIEBER).
  4. Most of their videos have the same problems:
    • Poor argument, most of his arguments are little explained and terribly maked, besides he says a lot of nonsense that makes the argument not taken seriously.
    • A humor saturated with insults, jokes and videos that are not funny and make the argument not taken seriously.
    • Very awkward moments and jokes that are funny due to incorrect reasons, plus most jokes and arguments consist of the same thing, which tires fast.
  5. He has a sickly fanaticism with Super Varo Blog, he once made a video saying that Super Varo Blog was a god[3] and in a deleted comment from a TierList of Twitter users said that all the people in that TierList were people with mediocre content, even though they didn't know many of the people in the TierList and also said they were people that neither their mother knew and that if not this "GOD SUPER VARO BLOG" anyone didn't care[4], besides what attacks and insults a person just for jokingly saying that Super Varo Blog is bad (more on that below).
  6. Most of the time he always wants to be the person who says the right thing, no matter what, but he does it in a mediocre way full of insults and jokes that are not taken seriously, this particular reason has made him hated by many, he has also been humiliated several times.
  7. As in his most controversial era (2010-2013), he tries quite hard to be funny, but most of the time it just doesn't work (although in some of his videos humor is kind of funny in some parts), some of the most prominent problems are:
    • The humor in his videos is mostly mediocre, based almost always on insults or offenses to other people (more notoriously in his KICKS section), besides that he also puts many memes, where furrys are insulted and despised, plus in his video Video-Games that everyone likes less me, puts sounds or clips from other media too loud that you don't even hear well the video.
    • In relation to the previous point, the humor in his videos is usually based on almost no-argument insults (remarkably his Twitter account when someone is against what SWM says or in their critical videos or kicks, today), which becomes pretty boring and frustrating over time and worsens their humor more than it already is.
      • In fact, he made a review of Torre A (Tower A), a dubbing studio, the video was well with good arguments until a part of the video arrived where he insulted the people who dubbed on Torre A, not his work, so Torre A denounced the video (for insults) and because some haters had reported SWM videos almost all Super Wario Man Channels closed except a gameplay channel because it wasn't linked to mail from the other channels and is currently the only official Super Wario Man channel.
  8. He has proven to have an extreme hate towards furrys. When a person comments on one of his posts on the Twitter account or comments on one of the posts and videos on SWM's YouTube account and the user has a profile picture an anthropomorphous animal, SWM says that person is a furry just for that and sometimes with a SWM video saying "SE HA DETECTADO UN PINCHE FURRO" ("A FUCKING FURRY HAS BEEN DETECTED")[5], in one of its Twitter post a person commented and had a profile picture of a Happy Tree Friends character and SWM said it was a furry just for that, after that the user said he was not a furry, SWM followed stubbornly and commented memes about killing furrys and many people got upset [6].Besides that when they do a series with an animal anthropomorphous, SWM says it's for furrys and makes a parody or a mention where it proves his hatred of that series, even says a series is for furrys before the series has just pulled out a trailer or clip from the series.
  9. His Twitter account before it was bad (sometimes is mediocre today) because he acts like a unfunny clown, sharing bad opinions and threating almost everyone who criticizes or insults him.
  10. He is usually an immature person who has gotten into a lot of controversy, besides that he normally contradicts himself in his videos:
    • He complains that many of Sonic fans are toxic, although this is true, the main problem is that it is sometimes a toxic fanboy of Super Varo Blog, besides what he talks about as if he put all Sonic fans in the same sack saying that almost all of them are immature idiots, even though there's a good part of Sonic fandom respectable.
    • He complains that Phineas and Ferb is overrated, when he praises Super Varo Blog by saying he is a god, plus he attacks people who say Super Wario Man overestimates Super Varo Blog, plus overestimates some video games like Donkey Kong 64 saying it's one of the best games ever, when it's only decent, and there are more much better games.
    • He gets angry that Danikyo on Twitter said he liked Paper Mario: The Origami King, then Super Wario Man said he only joined popular critics and that the game was bad[7], even though Super Wario Man said he doesn't have a Nintendo Switch in a past post, plus SWM said the game was bad even before the game development will even be completed.
    • He got angry when Sakurai got Mega Man into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS and got Steve into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and insulted Sakurai just for that in some Twitter posts, he even dedicated a 4-minutes video to Mario Deluxis, a user who was against SWM's opinion. SWM's video was very ill-argued and said Mario Deluxis was a minecraftlieber when Mario Deluxis only said Minecraft was the best-selling game in the world (although perhaps SWM misunderstood what Mario Deluxis and SWM said he thought he meant because it's the best-selling game it's the best game in the World, although still Super Wario Man in a Twitter post said that if some channels that others like, automatically his channel is good, despite all the bad things he's done[8]), besides what SWM said Mario Deluxis imposes likes, in addition to SWM blocking Mario Deluxis on Twitter after Mario Deluxis would defend himself[9], which also shows that SWM does not support criticism.
      • In fact, Banjo and King K. Rool were more fanservice than Steve, according to statements given by Sakurai. With King K. Rool it was because he was one of the most voted in Smash Ballot, and Banjo because he was one of the most requested characters in the saga, being that until the creator declared that he would like to see him in Smash.
    • He says SDLG (a shitpost group on Facebook) is Facebook's worst group, although this is fine (considering all the controversies and mistakes they've made), SWM overexplodes quite a few memes that became recognized because of this group, such as "Pinches Furros" ("Fucking Furrys") and Marselo[10].
  11. His arguments can sometimes be of dubious quality, also their complaints are embarrassing and ill-argued most of the time, here some examples:
    • He said that Mega Man games are bad because they are very difficult and frustrating than funny, even though he likes Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, the hardest Mario game of all time.
    • He complains that Sonic will do a Fornite dance, to the extent that he rated Sonic the Hedgehog movie from 3.5 to 3.0.
    • He complains about someone who only gave his opinion towards the dubbing of One Piece, to the degree where Super Wario Man will tell him frequent insults.
    • He complains that MistUser quite likes Sonic Unleashed, to the point where Super Wario Man throws insults at MistUser and Super Wario Man makes a big sandstorm just because he doesn't like Sonic Unleashed because according to him, 80% of the game are Werehog levels (which is not true)[11].
    • Compare the Five Nights At Freddy's saga to games that have nothing to do with Luigi's Mansion or Shadow the Hedgehog, even saying people play Luigi's Mansion better than FNAF when they are games of different genres, being FNAF a point and click game with elements of horror.
    • He says all FNAF installments are the same except Ultimate Custom Night a little and FNAF World, when Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location can move and it's not just about monitoring cameras, and trying to keep animatronics from killing you and FFPS, although it has the same mode of previous games with some changes, there's another way to play that's to report animatronics. SWM did not even take the slightest trouble to mention them.
    • He says Sonic being in a car is silly, as he runs very fast, although he doesn't take into account that Sonic doesn't know the environment where he is.
    • He complains that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie strives to be radical and New Yorker, although Sonic was put out as a given commercial ploy for '90s teens (it had to be "radical" and "cool" by then), this makes that essence "New Yorker" which Wario takes as negative becomes completely stupid because Sonic in his beginnings was seen that way.
  12. He is a nostalgiatard who can come to hate series like Mao Mao or Gravity Falls for using the CalArts style.
  13. Hypocrisy:
    • He claims to be a fan of Sonic [12]when he once said on that Sonic the Hedgehog is a "zombie franchise" that refuses to die. He has even tried to defend IGN and misinterpreted the phrase "Sonic was never good" thinking that they said that Sonic was never a big deal, even insulting to the fans complaining about IGN and SWM said IGN gave fair criticism, even though this is a long way from reality.
    • In his video of Phineas and Ferb, he said he doesn't like people who throw away pure insults without arguments when he does exactly the same thing, besides what he doesn't like nostalgiatards, when he says a new cartoon is bad just for using the CalArts style.
  14. He was embroiled in a controversy with the YouTuber Ocio, this because of different lies that Super Wario Man said about Ocio, for example, he said Ocio hated Spanish dubbing and other things, then these lies were leaked in a discussion[13], where Super Wario Man told lies in a mediocre way, then Ocio humiliated him by making SWM apologize almost in tears, after the live some people mocked SWM, making him become a popular meme, curiously from this live came SWM's most famous phrases, as Te Ardes Mucho.
  15. He doesn't respect opinions sometimes, to the degree where he hates being criticized, such as the videos criticizing his review of the FNAF saga or his review of the Sonic the Hedgehog film, where he doesn't even see 2 minutes of the reviews, they make to him and starts to deny (in a horrible way) and throws insults at the person who made the video criticizing Super Wario Man, even though the person who made the video said acceptable arguments, when they tell you what you're wrong about, it's for you to get better, not to make you angry.
    • He also cannot accept his mistakes, because if you make an acceptable argument against SWM, he will almost always tell you immature insults or mediocre excuses.
  16. He is also a big liar, since he tells lies of other users to look good and that the other user was left as the bad guy even if he said acceptable arguments, also his lies are weaks and are seen as a poor attempt to look good[14].
  17. Generally does not respect the opinions of others and can insult or tell fanboy to a person just because he has different options. This is one of the reasons why he has gotten into a lot of controversy, besides, if one jokingly says that Super Varo Blog is a bad YouTuber, Super Wario Man will attack you and insult big YouTubers just out of rage (even if that tells YouTubers that Super Varo Blog likes likes like for example La Zona Cero, Ground Zero in English). Besides, if you say it was in a joke, Super Wario Man tells you it's just an excuse.
  18. He gets to misinform in some of his videos:
    • In his video of the ghost deaths of Luigi's Mansion, gives a brief opinion about Luigi's Mansion 3, where he said the game would be the same as Dark Moon, where you have to go from mansion to mansion, when in the trailer it was shown that the game takes place in a hotel, besides the game didn't come out yet.
    • In his video criticizing Sonic the Hedgehog movie, he said that Paramount Pictures spent a lot in animating the Sonic's redesign, when it was only $5 million and was cheaper than its original design.
  19. He did a video game ranking, which is mediocre and full of personal opinions with insults and doesn't argue well and most reviews are short.[15]
  20. His Hangouts disputes are mostly hilariously mediocre[16][17][18].
  21. Most of his reviews are mediocre, as comedy is mediocre and/or immature based on insults (for example, in his video criticizing Sonic fans it wasn't 10 seconds and Super Wario Man was already insulting Sonic fans calling them orangutans) and/or jokes that aren't funny. Plus most of his arguments are poorly-done that are unsippote and embarrassing.
  22. The criticism towards other users from went from being decents and funnys with good arguments and good writing, where Super Wario Man decently contradicted other people to a section where he only insults people who criticize him and also SWM says bad arguments that almost always end in insults.
  23. He almost never learns from his mistakes despite all the times where he has been humiliated, denied and hated.
    • Even some of his friends claim that sometimes he's pretty weird and he made too many mistakes.
  24. Besides that sometimes he also doesn't know how to control himself, because he almost always reacts violently when someone disagrees with his opinions, to the point of making a full video towards a person just for that, along with insults and underworked arguments, this is really problematic and some people have said he should control his personality, but SWM simply sometimes can't.

Good Qualities


  1. He published some decent videos, for example The Decline of The Fairy OddParents.
  2. Some of his edited videos and some jokes were funny.
  3. Despite seeming primitive, editing was passable.


  1. He is aware that he was a bad person between 2010 and 2013, even mentioning how hasty and bad his videos were.
  2. He was one of the people in humiliating Peluchin Entertainment on many occasions. And was also the one to expose his true colors after Peluchin sent him a video of him murdering his cat.
  3. He was a nice person between 2014 and 2017 and his content was fun.
  4. He improved himself a little in late 2020, even though he still makes mistakes from time to time.
  5. He still makes good videos like:
    • Redoblajes argentinos de Disney (Disney Argentinian redubbings).
    • Revisión a Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (Review of Super Smash Bros.. for 3DS).
    • 7 momentos perturbadores en Invasor Zim (7 disturbing moments in Invader Zim).
  6. Part of the humor of his videos is funny, also some of the videos and images you put on are decently funny, also some of his videos have a pretty decent humor, like The Super Smash Bros. for 3DS review.
  7. Part of their video edits to make them funny are pretty decent, like this[19].
  8. His video editing is still good and soft, despite the mistakes mentioned above.
  9. He still says some good opinions like when he said that Sonic Forces is only passable, in fact, he's very good at talking about dubbing.
  10. Sometimes he argues well about video games and some users both on their Twitter account and in their YouTube videos.
  11. Sometimes he's a good person and he's also nice to his friends.


Since 2011 SWM has been the subject of ridicule primarily due to his immature personality and skewed argumentation, he is often known for all the controversy and embarrassment he has experienced,it also became a meme due to the aforementioned and his nonsensical phrases, which only made him become more popular (either in a good way or in a bad way), he mentions that since 2010 he had discussions and problems with other people because of his old videos,has become one of the best known Spanish-speaking Lolcows.


  • This is the second longest person-related page of the Crappy Games Wiki.
  • Some of his videos are re-uploaded as loquendo fails, mainly from 2010 to 2013 era [20][21][22].
  • He is also known for being an Internet meme for all the bad thing he's done, being the "Te ardes mucho" ("You get very burned") a phrase that Super Wario Man said in his dispute with Ocio as stated above and "DIOS SUPER VARO BLOG" (GOD SUPER VARO BLOG) a phrase that says many times either in their videos or on their Twitter account.
  • Since 2011, he insulted those users with whom he had lawsuits and uploaded videos where he killed his colleagues using unorthodox and low-order methods.
  • In late 2015, he was hated because he said that Dragon Ball is overrated, and he invented the phrase "Gokulieber", a cross between Goku and Belieber (Justin Bieber's Believer), the same thing also happened with Sonic and Minecraft.
  • Despite being his main channel, the Super Wario Man channel is the fourth account he has made on YouTube, because their previous accounts were deleted for different reasons.
  • As stated above, his YouTube account was closed along with its other channels except Super Wario Gamer.
  • He was born on March 13, 1994, what means he's 27 years old.





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