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Super Street: The Game

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Super Street: The Game
Need for Speed: Underground – Team6 Edition
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release: September 11, 2018
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer(s): Team6 Game Studios
Rebel Games
Publisher(s): WW: Lion Castle Entertainment
JP: Kemco
Country: The Netherlands
Series: Super Street
Successor: Super Street: Racer

Super Street: The Game is a racing game developed by Team6 Game Studios in association with Rebel Games and published by Lion Castle Entertainment. It is the official game for Super Street, a car tuning magazine.

The player starts off in the game with a rusty beater and throughout the single player campaign builds it into the ultimate tuner car piece by piece.

Why It's Not Tuned Up

  1. Like most other racing games, the player starts out with a weak car and slowly upgrades it. But what makes Super Street stands out is the fact that players will be stuck with the car they chose for the rest of their single player campaign.
    • The choice of vehicles is also extremely limited, only eight models can be picked.
  2. Despite featuring many world-famous tuners part brands such as GReddy, Brembo, Falken Tires, etc. none of the cars in this game were licensed real-life vehicles, possibly due to copyright.
  3. Lackluster stock music instead of licensed soundtracks.
  4. The graphics, while far from terrible, is rather underwhelming and only appears to be a bit better than games released nearly ten years ago.
  5. Vehicle damage is somewhat excessive, at times mere scraping can cause entire body parts to crumble, as if the car you drive is made of paper, somewhat similar to (although BeamNG has much better crash physics).
  6. Despite being an arcade game, the driving physics in the game feel not only unrealistic but also uncomfortable. The brakes on the vehicles are very weak, even when the best brake discs are fitted. Also, cars may randomly oversteer and spin out of control.
  7. The AI of the game isn't too bad, although they may behave like idiots on certain tracks and smash into obstacles. They're also seemingly oblivious to the player's presence and will at times aggressively smash into the player's car, sending it off-track.
  8. Spending large amounts of cash on expensive performance parts feel pointless at times, because they bring the same amount of performance enhancement as cheaper parts do.
  9. In the earlier version, if your car gets stuck, the game doesn't reset the vehicle like usual. Instead, you'll have to restart the entire race.
  10. No sense of speed, especially when your car is not upgraded.
  11. No sense of weight either, hit a curb and your car can bounce into the air like it's on a trampoline.
  12. The pricing of certain items is just absurd, seriously, $2,000 for just a respray.
  13. The tutorial explains only the basic gameplay elements, and left UI navigation and other elements out for the player to figure out themselves.
  14. Your crew members are poorly textured, and their animations can be very odd at times. Thankfully, a new function to hide them will be added soon.
  15. Poorly named race modes, for example, "Sprint" is not a sprint race, it's actually a "collect the checkpoints" mode.
  16. Overall, the game lacks content for a $60 game (originally $50) and felt more like an early access, the content that's currently available can be finished in under one day.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Excellent car customization, reminiscent of Need for Speed: Underground.
  2. Despite the absence of tutorials, the menus are not too difficult to navigate.
  3. While many suspect the game to be just a lazy cash grab, there are hopes for the developers to add more features to the game, such as getting a second car.



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