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Bad, but in a parody style. If Social Justice Warriors made a game, this is possibly what the game would be like.

Super Oppressed PPL is a flash game on Newgrounds made by Slippery Slope. This game is a parody of a video game social justice warriors would want so this game is intentionally bad. The game uses the same graphics and style of the original Super Mario Bros. game for the NES.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

Note: As stated above this is completely intentional to make a point.

  1. Despite a character selection screen, you can only choose the transgender otherwise you will be scolded for choosing a male or female.
  2. After selecting transgender, you can "select" six races and ethnicities: Arabic, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indian, and White. The White and Asian races can't be used due to white being "evil" and Asians being represented in Japanese games and don't count since "all Japanese games suck."
  3. You can only jump once in the game and then you'll get scolded since some people in America can't jump at all.
  4. There is only one enemy in the game, but if you jump on it or touch it, the "SJW developer" will safely remove it so the "sociopathic" player doesn't kill it.
  5. Since you can't jump, a pipe blocking your way is removed to get rid of all challenge.
  6. As you "progress", you lose the ability to walk and must use a wheelchair, so as not to offend people in wheelchairs with legs.
  7. As the game continues, the game goes black and white to "keep you from having a color advantage."
  8. You lose the ability to use your arms as most people suffer from quadriplegia.
  9. The music stops so as not to "offend the deaf."
  10. The game goes to black since you seeing the game "offends the blind." This ultimately ends the game.
  11. Ironically enough, the game actually is pretty offensive.
  12. Every single sprite, was taken from Super Mario Bros.!


The game, while praised for its clever premise, was equally panned for the gameplay itself. Also, the ironic offense was called out, as the game was once stated to be "so offensive it makes North look like a sane SJW group's educational film!" by an anonymous source.


If you wish to play the game, here is the link.