Super Mario Flash (Rcimaginations)

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Super Mario Flash (Rcimaginations)


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If it's too hard to make Mario fan games, you can always use the magic of gore, violence and swearing... or not.
Genre: Platform
Platforms: Internet
Release Date: August 23, 2004 (Original version)
August 25, 2004 (Version 2)
October 24, 2004 (Halloween version)
Developer: Rcimaginations
Publisher: N/A
Franchise: Unofficial flash game based on the Super Mario Franchise

Super Mario Flash (not to be confused with another flash game called Super Mario Flash made by Pouetpu Games) is a series of Flash games made by a Flash developer named Rcimaginations. Based on the Super Mario franchise, several versions of this game were published, with the first two not differing much from each other and the last one being a Halloween-themed reskin, which happens to be much more popular than either of the original versions.

Why It Sucks

  1. Each version has no replay value because their gameplay consists of three short and easy levels with no extra collectables.
  2. The awful hit detection gives enemies plenty of chances to hurt you.
  3. It twists the Super Mario gameplay in a bad way by adding unnecessary violence to it. When Mario jumps on enemies, he always kills them in a single jump that turns them into a bloody pulp. When an enemy kills Mario, his head falls off and causes blood to spew out of his body.
  4. Jumps are floaty, slow and always reach a fixed height regardless of how long you hold the jump button. This makes general platforming very annoying.
  5. The three bosses are very easy to beat. Against the first two bosses, frequently jumping from left to right will minimize or eliminate their chances to hit you. Bowser, the final boss, only requires you to kick a Koopa Shell at the right moment and dodge his predictable attacks. Bowser even performs an attack that won't harm you if you standstill.
  6. Lazy level design. The last one is the laziest, as it is just a straight line with enemies and foreground elements that look like platforms.
  7. Mario can crouch in the middle of a jump, which can cause numerous glitches. He can use this to clip through walls and fall to the bottom of the screen.
  8. Mario is poorly portrayed due to an evil-eyed expression that he makes while jumping.
  9. Annoying sound effects of Mario walking, stomping enemies and getting hit.
  10. When Mario is hit by an enemy and there are others nearby, he awkwardly "teleports" around the area next to the other enemies constantly getting hit, making his health bar deplete in a jiffy. This is because of glitchy enemy hitboxes and lack of invincibility frames.
  11. The ending is very violent and it fuels the stereotypes associated with Mario games. Firstly, when Bowser dies, Mario finds out that he rescued Toad instead of Peach. If that wasn't clichéd enough, Mario then curses at Toad and jumps towards him, mangling his head and eyes.
  12. The music is a bunch of bad MIDI remixes of official Mario songs, such as the Airship theme and Super Mario World's Overworld theme.
  13. There is also a "score" mechanic, but it has no point in existing.

Version Exclusive Flaws

Original Version

  1. The game has very lame, barely coloured level backgrounds.
  2. If you lose on the last level, a glitch often allows you to pass through ground enemies without taking any damage, making the game even more preposterously easy than before.
  3. Bowser's fireballs are somewhat difficult to avoid in this version due to the bad jumping physics creating artificial difficulty. If Mario had proper jumping physics, Bowser's fireballs would be much easier to dodge.

Version 2

  1. In the previous version, enemies used to fall off the screen when stomped. In this one, they instead turn into bloody corpses that stay on the screen. Because of this and the added gore, Version 2 is more violent than the original version.

Halloween Version

  1. This version is a useless Halloween-themed reskin of Version 2. Bony Beetle, Boo, and Big Boo are simple reskins of Goomba, Paratroopa and Bowser, respectively.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The graphics are alright.




4 months ago
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I played this game as a kid. Boy, that corpse theme was unnecessary.


3 months ago
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I remember this game


one month ago
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I played this game when i was a kid since the early 2010s on my old computer and the computer of my former school (EPA/Educandário Pequeno Aprendiz).


2 days ago
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Didn't Rcimaginations also make Luigi's Revenge?

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