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Super Godzilla

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Super Godzilla
Super Godzilla NA boxart.jpg.jpg
The sad thing is, this clearly had the potential to be a really fun game.
Genre(s): Turn-based fighting
Platform(s): SNES
Release: 1994
Developer(s): Toho Co., Ltd
Publisher(s): Toho Co., Ltd
Series: Godzilla

Super Godzilla is an action game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) released in 1994, where the player controls the titular character Godzilla. In each level, Godzilla roams a map with various terrain effects on him until he finds a monster, in which the game then switches to a side-view akin to typical fighting games, although it plays very differently from a standard fighting game. The plot consists of aliens controlling various monsters from the Godzilla films and using them to take over Earth. In response to this, the military deploys the Super X II from Godzilla vs. Biollante to locate and control Godzilla, and use him to fight off the rampaging monsters. While it's generally agreed that the game has a good plot and good music, it's ruined by the poor gameplay.

Bad Qualities

  1. In the movies, Godzilla is well-known for being able to destroy buildings with ease. In this game however, it hurts him. In fairness, the damage dealt is so tiny that it can hardly even be considered chip damage (4 damage when Godzilla's maximum health is 600 before it even gets upgraded), but it's still jarring to see Godzilla take damage at all from this.
  2. The maps are often littered with hazards, such as landmines and tanks, designed to chip down Godzilla's health, and they can be hard to avoid. Unlike the buildings mentioned above, these deal significantly more damage, usually dealing around 30. Although you have more than enough HP to survive running into plenty of these hazards, the damage WILL add up when you eventually get to the stage's monster.
  3. Plenty of maps have annoying gimmicks, such as level 2 constantly teleporting Mechagodzilla around the map until you destroy the alien mothership in the stage. Biollante doesn't even appear in level 3 until you rescue Dr. Shiragami, who spawns in one of three random facilities. In level 4, if you take too long to reach the egg after defeating Battra, it will hatch and you'll have to fight him a second time.
  4. Special mention goes to level 5, which has two bosses, Mecha-King Ghidorah and Bagan. First, you need to reach Mecha King Ghidorah before he destroys 50% of Tokyo (the game generously tells you how much of Tokyo he's destroyed every time it goes up by 5%). Although considering how difficult he is, you might want to go out of your way to reach the three S capsules which transform Godzilla into the titular Super Godzilla, which greatly buffs him. However, if Tokyo's destruction reaches 50% before you reach all three, you get screwed out of being able to fight him as Super Godzilla. After you beat him, Bagan spawns on the map. He's designed to be beaten with Super Godzilla since normal Godzilla's attacks deal minimal damage, but if you transformed into Super Godzilla to fight Mecha King Ghidorah or Tokyo's destruction hit 50%, you're forced to survive Bagan's onslaught as normal Godzilla for an entire minute or two until the Super X comes and delivers you the dose that transforms you into Super Godzilla.
  5. And now for the monster fights themselves. They're confusing to learn at first. If you want to use your fancy attacks, you have to run up to the monster and punch them (your punch has pathetically short range, so you need to be really close), and then back up and press a button when you see the attack you want. Some of the stronger attacks require you to back up more (thus leaving you open to an attack), or have a high fighting spirit. Both monsters have bars at the bottom which is called their Fighting Spirit. The AI's rising fighting spirit indicates they're about to launch an attack, while your fighting spirit determines what attacks you can use after you punch them.
  6. A couple of the monsters are annoyingly gimmicky. Biollante is protected by two feelers, which both attack independently. You need to destroy both of them before you can get to Biollante. After that, you need to pray that Biollante doesn't use her unblockable acid attack (which does a whopping 140 damage, and what especially stings is that you don't get the HP upgrade until right after you beat Biollante). You can't use your headbutt either since she'll counterattack if you do so. Mechagodzilla can block the weak atomic breath with a barrier, and he'll counterattack with a missile right after (the strong atomic breath pierces through his shield though). The only attack that works on Battra is the strong atomic breath, which comes up in the attack window infrequently.
  7. Some of the bosses, in general, are just poorly designed. Mechagodzilla can actually stun-lock you to death with his clone attack if you're both at the opposite end of the screen. Every boss has an unblockable cinematic attack that they seem to throw out at complete random. Mecha King Ghidorah is a nightmare if you fight him as standard Godzilla. He has a high amount of HP, plenty of unblockable cinematic attacks and a lot of them deal stupidly high damage. Though he's pretty easy if you fight him as Super Godzilla.
  8. From stage 2 onwards, when traveling the map you can encounter small UFOs as random encounters. The UFOs themselves are nothing to get worked up about since they get taken out really easily, but it sure is annoying having to stop in your tracks to fight them. They stop appearing for the rest of the level after you destroy the alien mothership, which is optional in every level except for level 2.
  9. You only transform into Super Godzilla a total of two times, for the last two bosses each. If you decide to fight Mecha King Ghidorah as normal Godzilla, then you transform into him only once.

Good Qualities

  1. King Ghidorah, the first boss of the game, is very tame since he doesn't attack too often. This helps you get some hits on him to learn the convoluted fighting system.
  2. The soundtrack is great, with Battra and Bagan's themes being considered the best in the game.
  3. The plot is often credited as being unique and something that wouldn't seem out of place in a Godzilla movie.
  4. In the original Japanese version of the game, Mechagodzilla uses his Heisei appearance. Because Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II wasn't released in North America at the time, the developers took the time to re-sprite him into his Shōwa incarnation for the western release.
  5. This game features Bagan, a monster that was cut out of several movies, with him finally making his debut as the final boss of this game.
  6. The Super Godzilla transformation is awesome. You have your max health raised up to 900, all of your attacks have received massive buffs, and most importantly, you're given a charge punch that can counter other monster's attacks. The charge punch can even make Bagan a trivial fight. Furthermore, Super Godzilla's design was the basis for Spacegodzilla.
  7. This game features some popular kaiju, and their sprites look great.



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