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Super Boy I

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Super Boy I
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Sorry nothing.
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Sega Master System
Release: 1989
Developer(s): Zemina
Publisher(s): Zemina

The Super Boy series are a bootleg video game series developed and published by Zemina for the Sega Master System and MSX in 1989. These are unlicensed ports of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World..

Why It Sucks

Super Boy I and II

  1. Atrocious graphics that can be compared with Super Mario Bros. Special. Also like this game, grabbing a Fire Flower doesn't change Mario's appearance making it difficult to tell if you're Super Mario or Fiery Mario. Also Bowser only have green and white colors which look ugly.
  2. The music is awful to listen.
  3. Incredibly clunky and horrid controls mainly with jumping which is very difficult to jump into high obstacles.
  4. Some levels have cruel design which can be compared to Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels which can be suffer from cheap deaths.
  5. The hidden 1-Up mushrooms, the beanstalks, the warp zones, the 10-coin blocks, the starman and some enemies like Green Koopas, Hammer Bros, the Bloopers as well underwater levels are absent in this game.
  6. Only 4 words with 16 levels which is the half amount of worlds and levels from the original game.
  7. There's no axe in castles and due to this, the bridge doesn't break even when Bowser is still here.
  8. Defeating Bowser in the first three worlds, Toad does not appear and it says "SORRY NOTHING" instead of the iconic "THANK YOU MARIO! BUT OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!".
  9. Lack of ending. Beating the final level (World 4-4), Peach (Princess Toadstool) does not appear and it says "TO BE CONTINUED" and the game immediately starts to the world 1-1.
  10. Instead of appearing the Super Mushroom or the Fire Flower in the ? blocks that is supposed to appear, they're randomsized which can be confusing for most of players who mostly play the original game.
  11. The pyshics are incredibly poor. Stomping in Koopas and Buzzy Beetles kills them instantly instead of leaving a shell and Lakitu drops Spinies immediately instead of appearing as Spiny Eggs.
  12. The sequel is just a reskin of this game only with changed dialogue. Completing the first worlds says "GO, NEXT STAGE" and beating the game it just says "END". Also some parts of levels are recycled from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

Super Boy III and IV

  1. The Mario's face in the title screen has a ugly color palette.
  2. The graphics in Super Boy III are horrendous.
  3. Like Super Boy I and II, the game as very clunky controls.
  4. The Starman in Super Boy III makes a product placement of Pepsi Cola.
  5. The final boss in Super Boy III is just the Sledge Bro throwing fire which is an ordinary enemy in the "Mario" franchise instead of figthing Bowser which is the main villain of the franchise.
  6. Super Boy IV does not have a final boss. Instead the final level is just the forest rather than the Bowser's Castle which is the main final level of the franchise. Completing it and it automatically leads to the ending sequence.
  7. Only 16 levels in the entire game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There's a ROM Hack from Super Mario Bros. for NES based in the Super Boy I and II which is a much better version of the original game containing the other 4 worlds plus 8-5, underwater levels as well fixes some of the flaws related with the physics. It even contains an ending. The ROM Hack can be downloaded here.
  2. Super Boy IV runs well compared to other Super Boy games as well as nice looking graphics.



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