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Sunset header.jpg
Goodbye, Tale of Tales! May you die in the same agony that the SJWs caused to thousands of gamers in the form of Get Woke, Go Broke.
Genre: Exploration
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Mac OS
Release Date: WW: May 21, 2015
Developer: Tale of Tales
Publisher: Tale of Tales
Franchise: N/A

Sunset is an Indie exploration game developed by Belgian game company, Tale of Tales and released on the PC, Mac, and Linux on May 21, 2015. It was funded through Kickstarter starting on June 17, 2014 and ran for a month, raising $67,636, surpassing it's original $25,000 goal.

The game was heavily advertised on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and Tale of Tales had hired Leigh Alexander's consulting firm, Agency to help in making the game.

This was the last game Tale of Tales developed before going out of business.


You play as Angela Burnes, a maid hired to work for Gabriel Ortega at a bachelor pad in the fictional Latin American country of Anchuria while you watch a war going on through the windows.

Why It Sucks

  1. What little gameplay there is is incredibly boring and repetitive, as it has you doing the same mundane household chores you could be doing in real life.
  2. Poorly optimized. The game can have frame rate drops even if you have a decent rig that can run more demanding games just fine.
  3. Poor graphics. The apartment you are in, as well as the cityscape are barely textured, dull, and uninteresting.
  4. When doing tasks such as washing dishes or laying carpets, the game cuts to an outside view before cutting back to the player's POV after the task is finished.
  5. Many of the protagonist's lines are not voice acted, only showing up as text on screen in big, lowercase letters.
  6. The story is just as bland, uninteresting, and boring as it's setting and gameplay.
  7. Bland, uninteresting characters.
  8. No challenge whatsoever.
  9. After the game became a commercial failure, the developers of the game threw a massive tantrum and insulted gamers and the game industry itself with some tweets. This negative attitude increased the likelihood that real gamers would not buy the game. Click here to see for yourself.


Despite critics like IGN giving the game positive reviews, the title was characterized by the developer as a commercial failure, selling a measly 4,000 copies as of June 2015.

The title was also criticized by gamers, with most of the reviews in the Helpful tab on the game's Steam page being negative.

Milo Yiannopoulos described it as "Every hand-wringing, pretentious, hipster, progressive cliché rolled into an unfinished, barely playable, zero-effort product. AVOID."

One of the reviewers, Ian James Cheong, said on Twitter "Tale of Tales' commercial failure with Sunset just goes to show that gamers aren't over, and that they still have to be your audience." (a jab at the first Gamers Are Dead article, "Gamers Don't Have to Be Your Audience. Gamers Are Over" by Leigh Alexander.)

The commercial failure of Sunset as well as Tale of Tales going bankrupt was a major victory for Gamergate because it got some SJWs out of the gaming market, proved how irrelevant game journalists had become, made other indie developers more likely to avoid using Leigh Alexander to promote their games, and made it perfectly clear that gamers, not SJWs, should determine the gaming industry by voting with our wallets. It also showed how the "get woke, go broke" term caused the game company to go bankrupt.