Street Fighter V censorship controversy

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The Street Fighter V censorship controversy occurred when Yoshinori Ono, a producer for Capcom recently confirmed that the upcoming Street Fighter V was going under self-censorship to lower the sex appeal to the women such as Rika slapping her butt. While Capcom claims that no one outside their company influenced their decision, it was obvious among gamers that the censorship was done in order to avoid offending anyone due to the activities of SJWs and feminazis.

This was met with heavy criticism from gamers who on Steam and other forums pointed out that SJWs and feminazis are a very small but loud group that don't even like video games and don't represent the West, though some also pointed out that SJWs are in control of the mainstream media and that Capcom is more afraid about that. Many have even pointed out a double standard by mentioning an alternate costume where Ryu is shirtless which has been called "Sexy Ryu."

This has become another instance where a game company has begun censoring content out of fear of SJWs and shows that Japan, which at first had no concerns for SJWs, is slowly caving in.

It has been widely speculated that they chose to self censor the game to prevent it from getting a Mature rating from the ESRB as some fighting games with fanservice on sexualized characters, such as most of the later Dead or Alive games, are no stranger to being rated Mature for that reason. However, this is a bad excuse as The King of Fighters XIV was released in the same year with far more lewder, more suggestive and risque content than what this game will ever get away with. And to make matters worse, the censorship was in all versions, including Japan, as Capcom was too cheap and lazy to make separate builds as all versions came out around the same time period. Fun Fact: Street Fighter V is rated CERO B for 12+ which in ESRB standards is a hard Everyone 10+, or a low-to-mid range Teen depending on the game, and The King of Fighters XIV is rated CERO C for 15+ which in ESRB standards is a hard Teen or a soft Mature.

And to add further insult to the censorship and toned down content, there were problems with the game being broadcast on ESPN2 to the point where players using Rainbow Mika and Cammy had to change costumes just so they could broadcast the finals on TV (reminder that the ESPN network is owned by the family-friendly Disney, with rules of what can and can't be shown on TV, so it is highly possible that the censorship mentioned above was a fault of ESPN2 of wanting the game to be broadcast without any issues).

For more information, read this [1] article.


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