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Street Fighter II Movie

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Street Fighter II Movie
SS SF The Interactive Movie cover.jpg
A video game based on a movie based on a video game. Wait a minute, doesn't that sound familiar?
Protagonist(s): Monitor cyborg
Genre(s): FMV
Platform(s): Playstation
Sega Saturn
Release: December 15, 1995 (Playstation)
March 15, 1996 (Sega Saturn)
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Country: Japan
Series: Street Fighter

Street Fighter II Movie is a 1995 FMV fighting game based on the movie with the same name released only in Japan for the Playstation and the Sega Saturn developed and published by Capcom. The game was planned to be released in North America under the title Street Fighter II: The Interactive Movie as it was shown at the 1995 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but was cancelled for unknown reasons. A version for the 3DO was in development, but was also cancelled. The game features clips from the animated movie along with clips made exclusively for this game made by Group TAC.


Players control one of M. Bison's monitor cyborgs by watching fighters and scan them to improve their stats which are punch, kick, throw, special attack, defense, and speed. Then you fight Ryu and depending on how the match ends, you get one of three endings.

Why It Sucks

  1. Extremely boring gameplay. All you do is watch an abridged version of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and point at stuff happening on the screen.
  2. The only fighting in the game is battling against Ryu. Seeing as the fighting mechanics is based on Super Street Fighter II Turbo, this is inexcusable because there are plenty of characters that the monitor cyborg could fight that were in both the movie and the game.
    • Street Fighter Collection released for the same platforms in 1997 includes Super Street Fighter II Turbo, which makes this game sorely lacking in comparison.
  3. Even though you have the ability to scan multiple fighters featured in the movie, you will always have Ken's moveset and not be able to change it which feels like a missed opportunity to make the game more unique with the Street Fighter II name. So in a way, you're essentially playing as Ken with a different sprite.
  4. Some of the clips shown from the monitor cyborg's point of view isn't possible such as when there is footage showing Ken and Ryu training when they are younger and even footage of the monitor cyborg you control monitoring and scanning the various fighters.
  5. Battle mode is completely worthless. You can load your monitor cyborg with its stats and fight a virtual hologram of Ryu. There are no other options as mentioned in W.I.S. #2 and #3. There is a multiplayer mode but both players can only play as the monitor cyborgs.
  6. No matter how good you think your monitor cyborg's stats are, you will seem weak to Ryu in comparison because he's all-around a better fighter than you based on what attributes you can improve. While some people will see this as a worthy challenge, it defeats the purpose of the gameplay especially for those who want to achieve the different endings for defeating Ryu.
  7. Sometimes the game isn't clear on what is scannable to improve one of your stats. You scan a character punching to have your punches deal more damage, but for something like defense and speed isn't as obvious. This makes it infuriating when you scan something that seems of interest, but then a message appears telling you that you scanned too early or too late. When this happens, you are prohibited from scanning again until the message disappears. When that happens, you miss precious time to increase your stats.
  8. When you face-off against Ryu, it's only for one round instead of the usual two. If you lose, then you have to watch the movie again from the beginning which is nearly an hour long before you can fight Ryu again. Your stats are also reset so you have to rescan what you scanned before and scan new things in order to improve the monitor cyborg. Trying to get the best ending which can be obtained by defeating Ryu without taking damage doesn't seem worth it if the game forces you to watch the movie again.
  9. The Playstation version suffers from longer loading times and more frequent disc switching compared to the Saturn version.


Due to the game being fairly obscure, there isn't much information on its reception or sales data in Japan. Half-Circle Forward, one of the few YouTube channels that made a video on Street Fighter II Movie, says that this is one of the weaker titles bearing the Street Fighter name and is a game only for collectors and completionists. On Gamefaqs the Sega Saturn version has a game rating of 2.17/5 and the Playstation version has a game rating of 2.23/5.


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