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Street Fighter: The Movie

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Street Fighter: The Movie
"Maybe it's about time for you to learn how to fight."
Protagonist(s): Guile (Movie Battle only)
Genre(s): Fighting
Platform(s): Arcade
Sega Saturn
Release: Arcade
NA/JP: June 1995
Sega Saturn
JP: August 11, 1995
NA: August 23, 1995
EU: September 1995

JP: August 11, 1995
NA: September 9, 1995
EU: September 29, 1995
Developer(s): Incredibles Technologies (Arcade)
Capcom (PS1/Saturn)
Publisher(s): NA/JP: Capcom
NA/EU: Acclaim Entertainment (PS1/Saturn)
Country: United States
Series: Street Fighter
Predecessor: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Successor: Street Fighter II Movie

Street Fighter: The Movie (known as Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film in Japan, or referred to otherwise as Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game) is a fighting game based on the 1994 movie as it uses digitized images of the film's cast as the characters. It was initially released for arcade machines, later for Sega Saturn and PlayStation.

The page will mainly talk about the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions.


It has four game modes like Movie Battle which is the story-mode of the game that follows the plot of the film the game is based on. There is also Street Battle where it's an arcade-style mode. Vs mode is just a standard two-player mode. and Trial Mode allows players to fight against the entire roster in order to achieve a high-score or quick time record. The roster is the same as in the arcade version, but there are a few differences like the inclusion of Dee Jay and Blanka.

Why It's Not Man Enough to Fight With

  1. The gameplay does not even feel like Street Fighter at all. The game has a combat system that is closer to Super Street Fighter II Turbo as well as the special moves, but the gameplay is trying to feel like it's copying Mortal Kombat due to similar graphics. Even the fights feel awkwardly sluggish due to the game's speed the fights have.
  2. Fighting against CPUs is tedious as they play like experts (not in a good way either). What's annoying is that the CPUs can actually juggle you in their combos as if you can't escape from them.
  3. The graphics are pretty ugly for a game that tries to replicate the live-action movie. It hasn't even aged well either as it lacks the energy Street Fighter usually has. This makes the characters alone look ugly to look at.
  4. The stages in the game are just boring to look at. Even Capcom knows better than this as they created stages that can be well done. However, it just doesn't work as they lack the charm Capcom has.
  5. Some of the characters say the wrong special move names when performing a move. Ken's Shoryuken is referred to as Dragon instead. To be fair, Shoryuken does mean "Rising Dragon Fist".
  6. Laughable character animation. This includes some of the special moves and the victory poses. It's not helping that the game does use digitalized actors that appear in the movie. Here are some examples:
    • Chun-Li's dancing animation whenever she wins.
    • Guile's hair combing winpose is altered, for some reason, to him stretching out his arms.
    • Sagat's Evil Eye move which is a move exclusive to the game.
    • E. Honda when he uses his Sumo Headbutt in this game.
    • Captain Sawada (one of the original characters of the movie) having a super combo attack that looks like he can hurt opponents just by showing off his shirtless body.
    • M.Bison's Electric Arc animation is another move exclusive to the game.
  7. Street Battle (basically Arcade Mode) is even slower in comparison to how Street Fighter portrays the fights. This makes a fight look more like a job as players may think that a single fight would take too long to complete.
  8. The loading screen takes a good amount of time as if you really need to be patient enough to wait for the loading to end.
  9. Pathetic voice acting. Whenever a character screams it sounds either mediocre (like E.Honda's), out of place (like Vega's), or annoying (like Cammy's). It just makes you want to lower down the volume, especially for those who don't feel right about hearing those screams. For mediocre ones, it feels so emotionless as if nothing were to happen or they try too hard.
    • Not even the special attacks are safe from this like when Guile says Sonic Boom as a prime example.
  10. Most of the cutscenes you see at the end of Street Battle and Movie Battle are just images. What's worse is that they look like low-quality images which make the cutscenes look like it was done in a low effort.
  11. In comparison to the arcade version, the Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions felt rushed as if they were trying to be a big title at the time when the Sega Saturn and especially the PlayStation were released in America in 1995 (May 11 for Sega Saturn and September 9 for PlayStation).
  12. You can only play as Guile in Movie Battle. Guile was prominent in the movie as he serves as the main character of the film. The problem with this is that it does not even give you the ability to play as other characters in the roster regardless if you are a Guile main or not.
  13. After beating Bison for the first time in Movie Battle, you get to fight against a much stronger Bison called Final Bison. But here is the catch, the second time you fight against Bison is supposed to make Bison even stronger than before, but there's barely any difference appearance-wise.
  14. Every time you select a character on the select screen, there is a unique background for whatever character you pick. The issue however is that the unique background turns into a blue screen as if the developers didn't bother to use the blue screen well.
  15. Getting a 2 hit-combo would result in words that say so look inconsistent. They do say 2-hit combo, but the fonts alone are styled too poorly that it looks like it's trying to say "shit combo" instead of 2-hit combo. This can be confusing to some.
  16. The frame rate of this game is low. It's like the game was using some cheap method of recording or the game itself behaving inconsistently with the animations. This overall makes the fights feel stiff.
  17. The controls could suffer from lag. In fact, you wouldn't want to play a fighting game where lag is present.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. On Movie Battle, you can fight the match again if you lose the match you were at during movie battle so that way it won't make you start over movie battle.
  2. The arcade version does have some things the home console versions don't have like the pacing being faster than the home console or Captain Sawada's other moveset as both give this character a different set of moves
  3. The bad animations can be funny. If you want a good laugh, you might as well enjoy it.
  4. Surprisingly passable music like notably the character themes which are still worth listening to, though they may not be as memorable as you think but still has some awesome effort into it.
  5. The console versions allow you to play as Akuma using a code. While he wasn't in the movie, it's at least faithful to prior versions of Street Fighter II which should satisfy longtime fans.
  6. Some cutscenes are not just images like the music video of the film's theme song "Something There" by Chage and Aska.
  7. Introduced super special moves which are more powerful versions of the character's special moves. It would be later introduced as EX Specials in Street Fighter III 2nd Impact.
    • The arcade version introduced interrupt moves and comeback moves which came back as Alpha Counter and Ultra Combos in later games. It also included Regeneration moves as they later appear in Street Fighter EX3 and Street Fighter III.


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The game has gotten mixed-to-negative reviews as it was released from both critics and audiences alike. Sega Saturn Magazine gave it a 49%, Electric Playground rated the game a 5/10, EGM gave it an 84/100, and Maximum gave it one star. It complained about things such as the controls and the slow down being present in the game alone. Some may have considered this game not only one of the worst launch titles for the PlayStation, but also one of the worst Street Fighter games as being remembered for the role of an abject embarrassment.

Matt McMuscles covered the game twice: once as part of "Wha Happun?" to discuss its troubled development, and again as part of "The Worst Fighting Game" with Maximilian. The arcade version of the game was put in the "That'll be just fine" category, while the home version was put in the "Fairly Stinky" category, alongside games like Shaq Fu, Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi and Ballz 3D.


  • The late Raul Julia was originally going to reprise his role as M. Bison for the video game. He did meet with the game's staff, but he felt very ill as he was not able to participate in the project which leads him to his death in October 1994. In both this in the arcade game, Bison is played by Julia's stunt double, Darko Tuscan; Julia is still credited in the arcade's attract mode, though.
  • Other actors that did not reprise their role from the film were Robert Mammone (who played Blanka; his mutated form was played by Kim Repia, who also appears in the home versions) and Gregg Rainwater (who played T. Hawk). Roshan Seth (Dhalsim) also does not appear, but while he was a non-combatant in the movie, there is a stage that takes place in his laboratory in both versions. He appears in the console's counterpart, but not in the arcade.
  • Fei Long can be seen in the Dungeon stage of the arcade release if either E. Honda or Cammy are fighting (normally they are the ones chained up in the background; if Cammy is in the fight, her position is occupied by Chun-Li). He was rumored to appear in the film at some point during its early development, but got cut and was replaced with Sawada.



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