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Storm Area 51: September 20th 2019

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― Todd Howard
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Keemstar's first game makes you regret wanting to see dem aliens..

Storm Area 51: September 20th 2019 is a 2019 video game developed and published by ProjectorGames. It was released on the 23rd of July, 2019.


You and a group of Naruto runners raid Area 51 to rescue the aliens.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game itself is an obvious cash-grab, as its cashing in on an internet trend based on a joke event where people attempt to raid Area 51.
  2. Ugly graphics that makes the game look like it should be on mobile.
  3. The game lacks audio settings and graphics settings.
  4. Quitting the game itself is difficult, as clicking ESC does nothing, forcing the player to hard close the game. Thankfully, Unity does have a default launcher where you can check windowed before you launch this game.
  5. Countless bugs and glitches.
  6. No full screen or windowed option.
  7. Clunky and annoying controls that are so frustrating, that you have to bind them yourself.
  8. Keemstar sort of lied about using a few people's voices in the game, yet they were used on a clip from Twitch and Keemstar literally mentioned that he can add your voice acting into the game.
  9. In the game itself, while there is Naruto Running; the player can't Naruto run at all, instead, the NPCs do. The game has only one walk cycle which happens to be jogging which is lazy, since going any direction uses the same walk cycle.
  10. As of now, the game is not accurate to the raid after the actual raid happened.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It can give you a good laugh due to the memes.
  2. Most of the bugs are being fixed, and thankfully updates release very quickly.
  3. You can help develop the game by giving Keemstar and others that work on the game some ideas.
  4. The game has some funny meme references. Especially the Naruto run.
    • You even play as Keemstar himself.
  5. Voice actors for the game get free copies from Keemstar.



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