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Sponge Neighbor

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Sponge Neighbor
What in the Bikini Bottom is happening right now? - Nora Thunderman from The Thundermans
Genre(s): Horror
Platform(s): Android
Developer(s): TinySponge Studio
Publisher(s): TinySponge Studio
Made in: Russia
First game: Sponge Neighbor Escape 3D
First release: 2019

Sponge Neighbor is a horror game series developed by TinySponge Studio and released on Android and iOS. These games are known for having cheap SpongeBob characters, as well as having partially stolen gameplay from Hello Neighbor (as the name also shows).

Why It (Intentionally) Sucks

Note: Those games are made as a joke, and they're meant to be bad.

  1. The games are an obvious ripoff of SpongeBob Squarepants, without permission from Nickelodeon or Viacom, not to mention they are all carbon copies of Hello Neighbor and Granny.
  2. Almost all of their games are a reskin of the former with only a few ridiculous little changes such as the buildings around the neighbor's residence, the same neighbor and a few textures here and there: the overall gameplay does not change, nor is it improved.
    • Speaking of neighbors designs, they're all mediocre and ugly and while they're supposed to be a "scary" parody of SpongeBob characters, they're barely scary when they catch you and look more hilarious.
      • Some of these don't even look like what they're supposed to parody, like Patrick's design, which looks more like an overgrown Mr. Potato with a Mexican mustache and no hat.
  3. Very boring gameplay: all you have to do is complete tedious missions where you stalk, steal things and destroy objects owned by the neighbor because you think he is illegally trying to make money and is even creating poison from Gary's knock-off snail, which must be rescued in one of the missions, despite being owned by the neighbor.
  4. Horrible and outdated graphics for android and iOS standards. It looks like it came out from Original PlayStation, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn or N64.
  5. The soundtrack, while catchy, quickly becomes repetitive and annoying.
  6. While the AI is pretty decent, it has a tendency to get very broken: for example, if a neighbor chases you and you throw any object at him (like a box), you stun him for a few seconds, but if you walk away from him running, it will continue to run in the same place where it was stopped before, and then return to walk normally around the house.
  7. Picking up a medium-sized throwable object, such as a trash can or chair, will mean having half the game screen covered by it, while picking up a box or a bin will only cover a quarter of the bottom right.
  8. Like all other similar games, there are many bugs and glitches:
    • Normally in the games of this series there are places where you can hide to avoid being captured by the neighbors, however, if you climb on any object in any room, the neighbors' AI will not identify you and therefore they will leave you alone, making these places useless.
  9. When you want to throw an object, it is useless if you look up or down, you will always throw it in the same direction.
  10. They can chase you out of the residence and even into your home! This does not make sense as the neighbors should just chase you from their residence and not chase you to your property!
  11. It is almost impossible to go up to the second floor as the neighbors concentrate too much in that area.
  12. The neighbors, when they try to grab you, keep running without stopping, while you have a stamina bar that drains quickly. This problem can lead to certain deaths, unless you have an item to throw.
  13. Too many advertisement.
  14. Generic and weak sound effect for the doors, especially for the windows and throwing or dropping some items, which sounds more like if it was from
  15. The map itself is completely poorly made, as it only featured houses of Bikini Bottom.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These games are so bad that they are fun to play. Completing a mission is also quite satisfying.
  2. Squidward's design can be considered the best because is more similar to the original.
    • Also, the Mr. Krabs design is ok.
  3. One of the most recent game, Sponge Neighbor Escape 3D, had an update which included 7 new characters of the series, which can be selected as you like, as many as you want. You can also play missions without having to worry about the neighbors.
    • Speaking of the same game, there is a special mode that allows you not to be seen by the neighbors. Unfortunately, in order to use it, you have to watch an advertisement.
  4. The soccer ball is considered the best object to hold as it covers very little screen.
  5. The idea of a horror SpongeBob fan game with Hello Neighbor style gameplay, while ridiculous, is quite interesting.



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