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Put the speed at your fingertips and throw your money into the garbage!

The Speedboard was an accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System officially licensed by Nintendo and made by Pressman in 1991.

The peripheral was a plastic board designed to hold the NES controller flat down and allow the player to press the buttons faster with their fingers, without holding the controller in their hands or using their thumbs.

Why It Sucks

  1. In the words of The Angry Video Game Nerd from his "NES Accessories" video: It's a piece of fucking plastic!
  2. The whole point of the Speedboard was to increase reaction time and speed, but most just saw this as a way to make repeatedly tapping the buttons easier. Although, that point was moot because of the NES Max and NES Advantage controllers, which had Turbo buttons that eliminated repeated tapping by emulating rapidly pressing and releasing the button for you.


The Speedboard was ranked as the 8th worst console controller by GamerNode editor Matthew Erazo.

Despite its surprisingly heavy advertising, including an endorsement by NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, the Speedboard was still negatively received and was discontinued only a few months after its release. It often ends up on lists of "worst video games peripherals" and is often noted as the worst peripheral of all time.




Dorothy Nightingale

4 months ago
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"plastic board designed to hold the NES controller flat down"

And I wonder how Nintendo got the idea of a wheel that you put the Wiimote/Joycon on to play Mario Kart, even though the wheels add no buttons.


2 months ago
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Atari Stick Station, Third Generation Edition! (For the NES)

Code yellow

2 days ago
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uhh what?

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