Spawn: The Eternal

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Spawn: The Eternal



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Not so eternal after all.
Genre: Action
Platforms: PlayStation
Release Date: NA: December 1, 1997
EU: April 1998
JP: September 17, 1998
Developer: Sony Interactive Studios America
Publisher: NA/EU: Sony Computer Entertainment
JP: Hudson Soft
Franchise: Spawn

Spawn: The Eternal is a 1997 video game developed by Sony Interactive Studios America (later known as 989 Studios) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation, based on the comic book character Spawn created by Todd McFarlane and produced by Image Comics.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor, clunky and unresponsive controls.
  2. Buggy graphics.
  3. Very bad god-awful camera that spasms erratically and too slow to follow the character´s movements.
  4. Depending on that if player will figure out various tricks, combat can be either really simplistic and lack challenge or be very difficult, since even a single enemy can deal a lot of damage to Spawn or even kill him.
  5. God-awful soundtrack.
  6. Utterly tedious and bad level design (especially modern era one).
  7. Extremely easy puzzles.
  8. Low quality textures.
  9. There are platforming and trap segments that are so horribly designed, that it's nearly impossible to pass them without using cheats.
  10. You can only use elevators once, meaning that if you forgot to pick something on a platform or you fell from it, you can't get back to it.
  11. Awful animations and models.
  12. Non-existent story and disappointing ending. Really, you never understand what's actually going on because basically, all Spawn does is walking from one place and era to another, beating up everyone he encounters, killing Malebolgia and absorbing the souls released after it's death at the end.
  13. As described above, all Spawn does the whole game is just beating everyone up, sometimes solving puzzles, making gameplay really absurd, tedious and lacking.
  14. Combat itself is also terrible. Every time Spawn encounters someone, a really awful fighting-game-styled sequence starts, with little to no variety, no matter who Spawn encounters, even if it's known characters from the universe like Violator or Redeemer.
  15. Some enemies do not make any sense.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. You can rip the enemies limbs off and use them as clubs, which is awesome, as seen on magazine advertising.


The game received a generally negative response from critics. GameSpot scored the game 1.8/10, citing poor controls, buggy graphics, and a camera which moves far too slow to keep up with the player character.[4] IGN gave the game a 2/10, complaining of grainy textures, simplistic combat, overly easy puzzles, and general lack of challenge.



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