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South Park
N64 south park p zadf9q.jpg
"Screw this game, I'm going home!" - Cartman
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Puzzle (GBC)
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Nintendo 64
Game Boy Color (unreleased)
Dreamcast (cancelled)
Release Date: Nintendo 64
NA: December 21, 1998
EU: May 3, 1999
SA: 1999

Microsoft Windows
NA: March 1, 1999
Sony PlayStation
NA: September 30, 1999
EU: 1999
Developer: Iguana Entertainment
Appaloosa Interactive (PS1)
Crawfish Interactive (GBC)
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Made in: United States


Franchise: South Park
Next Game: South Park (1999) (pinball)
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (video game)

South Park is a first-person shooter video game developed by Iguana Entertainment[1] (the same company who developed the Turok franchise) and published by Acclaim Entertainment. The game is based on the American adult animated sitcom of the same name which aired on Comedy Central since 1997.

The game runs on the same engine as Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and shares the same controls as that game. There was going to be a version of the Game Boy Color in the style of a puzzle-platformer, but because South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn't like the idea of putting an adult oriented game on a console marketed towards children, it was cancelled and later reworked into three other games, which are The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley, Mary Kate and Ashley: Get a Clue, and Maya the Bee and her Friends. In August 2018, the GBC ROM was finally leaked on the Internet.

Why It Sucks

NOTE: Nintendo 64, PlayStation and PC versions only

  1. Very poor graphics, while fitting for the show and even for the time it was released. The PlayStation version however is the most noticeable.
  2. Bad draw distance.
    • The N64 version could've used the expansion pak to at least make the draw distance better, but instead it only lets you increase either the video resolution or the framerate.
  3. Terrible AI. Enemies do little more than spawn and then home in on your position.
  4. Terrible music, with the exception of the South Park theme song, of course. Even the composer admitted that the game's music was a rush job that he hurriedly put together after finishing work on Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.
  5. It takes too long for you to die.
  6. The weapons are pretty ridiculous even for South Park standards. Some examples of weapons are a toilet plunger gun and a dart gun.
  7. The game does a poor job giving you new ammo if you run out.
  8. Even though the voice acting is done by the actors on the show, it's pretty poor and the characters repeat the same phrases quite a lot.
  9. When you want to choose a character before playing the game, you have to wait until they have finished what they are saying. Similar to picking a command in Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.
  10. There's no difference in playstyle between the four main characters.
  11. If you fail to kill a tank enemy, you are forced to kill them in a sudden death round. If you fail to kill it in time, it's an instant game over.
  12. The first-person style gameplay doesn't really fit the tone of the South Park.
    • Speaking of the gameplay, as mentioned above, it runs on the same engine as Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, pretty much making it a reskin.
  13. The sound effects are very annoying and get repetitive easily, like the turkeys.
  14. Lack of playing abilities in Multiplayer mode, not to mention the stages aren't even named in the PlayStation version.
  15. All you do is shoot, shoot and shoot... and nothing else. There is no strategy whatsoever.
    • It's even worse in the PC version, as the enemies and bosses have double the amount of health they have in the PS1 and N64 versions.

PlayStation Port

  1. Awful cutscene quality due to the cutscenes being in an FMV format.
  2. The draw distance is noticeably worse in this version, where the town looks like it's covered in fog.
  3. Horrible audio quality where it sounds all muffled.
  4. Cartman's model in the character select screen looks very ugly.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some jokes in the game are at least funny.
  2. The game's storyline is at least pretty true to the early seasons of the show (it was released near the end of the second season), which were based more around random humor and parodies of classic movies, rather than the topical jokes and political satire the show eventually became known for.
  3. The N64 version of the game is fairly decent in comparison to later released versions.
  4. The PC version has a better draw distance on modern PC's.


South Park's reception depended on the platform. Overall, the game was met with overwhelmingly negative critical reception with the PC and PlayStation versions, while the Nintendo 64 version generally received positive reviews from critics. The PlayStation and PC versions received poor reception due to the bad graphics, poor visuals, and bad voice acting. The Nintendo 64 version received the best reviews upon release. Aggregating review website GameRankings gave the Nintendo 64 version 67.11%, the PC version 51.72% and the PlayStation version 41.22%.

GameSpot gave the PlayStation version a 1.4/10, stating that "South Park is definitely one of those games that is bound to come up when you start thinking about the worst game you've ever played." IGN called the PlayStation version "frustrating" due to poor graphics, repetition of the voice acting, and lack of play value for the head-to-head mode. GameSpot stated in the PC version that "A good license and good graphics aren't enough." The voice acting, done by the original voice actors, was criticized for being repetitive, isolated, and old. The weapons of the game were also criticized for being unprofessional.

Despite the negative reception from the Windows and PlayStation versions, the Nintendo 64 version was praised for its 3D graphics and storyline, with IGN calling the game "just as funny as the Comedy Central series." GameSpot stated in the Nintendo 64 version that the level design was "really not very good on its own, but given the license, it at least makes sense."

Over time, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have publicly criticized Acclaim and the quality of the games as well.

Scrapped Sequel

A spiritual sequel in the style of a sandbox action-adventure game was in development for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox, but was not finished. Little was known about the game until a build was found on an Xbox development kit, but only video footage of the beta build has been released to the public. The footage appears to showcase the PlayStation 2 version, due to the visual button displays used in the game. The cutscene from the game was even leaked on YouTube showing Cartman in a mental hospital.


A fanmade remake of the game was developed by Marshmallow Studios and currently in development, titled South Park 64 Remake (or South Park: Deeply Re-Impacted), which it similar to Nightdive Studios' Turok and Shadow Man remakes, it added more characters, more weapons, new enemies and new game modes, with a better arsenal, more enemies to kill and new game modes to mess around with updated visuals and gameplay. Gamepad, and Keyboard Support, with supporting many other resolutions and visual features such as widescreen support, a release date is not determined yet, this game will take as long as it needs.[2]



  1. The PlayStation version was developed by Appaloosa Interactive and the unreleased Game Boy Color version by Crawfish Interactive



Black Knight Animation Studios

9 months ago
Score 0
actually good. It's a underated gem, which is the reason why it has mixed reviews


7 months ago
Score 0
Imagine the Game Boy Color port being actually released


5 months ago
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Then the mom will give the game to their child just because they thought M stood for "Moms approve".


6 months ago
Score 0
Where do I can download the ROM for the GBC port?


4 months ago
Score 0

I agree with this article.

Especially that scene when Kenny gets squished by a dump had "blood" which was just red paint.


2 months ago
Score 1

OMG!! They Killed Kenny!

You Bastards!!!


2 months ago
Score 0
I think it's a very decent game. I agree with the repetitive shooting and turkey sounds, but for me I think the N64 version is the best one of them (also the GBC version, but it's a totally different game).

Mr. Dready

2 months ago
Score 0
That’s odd that the GBC version was cancelled because it’s odd seing an adult game on a kids console, Because Mortal Kombat 1, 2 & 3 we’re on the gameboy.

Black Knight Animation Studios

one month ago
Score 0
A good game, but the PS1 version... eugh

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