Sonny (2017)

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We just wanted Sonny 3, not this.
Genre: RPG
Platforms: Steam, iOS, and Android
Release Date: 2017
Developer: Krin
Publisher: Armor Games
Franchise: Sonny
Previous Game: Sonny 2

Sonny, alternatively known as Sonny HD, is a RPG game and reboot developed by Krin, the same developer of the original Flash Sonny, and published by Armor Games on iOS and Steam. While it got positive reception from critics, it has gotten negative reception from fans, getting down to a Mixed (60%) on Steam. It wound up being the last game developed by Krin, with his social Twitter account abandoned and his studio account deleted.

A fan-made Sonny 3 (Announced in 2018) by Jerry242 is currently in the works, with Krin having no involvement on it.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game was known to have a troubled development, being announced way back in 2013 and having many issues during its 4-year development, despite having no evidence of it.
    • Sonny 3 was cancelled for this reboot, even though it was announced by Krin on his Twitter way back in 2013.
  2. False advertising: The Steam page says that its "not a sequel or a simple remake", but its actually a rehash of the first game's plot, but worse.
  3. This reboot has very poor grasp of the source material;
    • The game goes for a more colorful tone, compared to the original games.
    • Sonny has orange hair, while in the original, he has black hair.
    • One of the main characters, Veradux, is a generic human, while in the original, he was a zombie that managed to fight off several combat medics and salvaged their armor.
  4. The sprites are mainly static, sprites shaking/moving around not doing anything in combat with no animation whatsoever. The Flash game even has animated sprites. They are even reused in dialogue scenes.
    • Also, unlike the original, equipment does not change the sprite, making them more like generic board-game pieces.
  5. Out of the additional party members, there's no way to control them, unlike in the Flash game, you were able to configure their stance. This will cause your 2 other party members in battle unable to do mandatory things, like heal you at low HP or do inproper things like super attacks on a target that is at low HP.
  6. No New Game Plus, meaning once you beat the game, you have to restart the game to play it again.


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