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Somari the Adventurer

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Somari the Adventurer
Genre(s): Platformer
Platform(s): Famicom
Release: Early 1994
Developer(s): Hummer Team (Known as Somari Team)
Publisher(s): Ge De Industry Co.
Country: Taiwan

Somari the Adventurer is an unlicensed side-scrolling platform video game, originally released in 1994 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The title is a portmanteau of "Sonic" and "Mario". It is known to have been made by Hummer Team. It is an unauthorized port of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Bad Qualities

  1. Buggy, laggy, too many glitches. Poor programming and physics (especially the speed) made it more difficult.
  2. The sound effects interrupt soundtracks.
  3. The ring sound effect is too loud.
  4. Awkward and laggy controls, making it even more difficult.
  5. Horrible speed physics, Mario will walk slow for longer than it should yet, walking is hard to stop and it takes too long to build up speed.
  6. Spindash, while a good idea on paper, is a pretty mediocre version compared to the original:
    • The main problem is that it has little momentum, it is impossible to pass a ramp because it does not work as it should, this is frustrating if you were damaged and you want to recover the rings but you fall and you want to collect the rings because there are no rings nearby and you try to do the spindash but it has little boost and an enemy damages you and you have to pass the level again.
  7. One of the most infamous things is that the gaps are quite long and there is no way out, including the fact that you have to die but because the rings bounce off the walls making it difficult and slow to die it is simply pathetic.
  8. No Chaos Emeralds. Then what's the point of adding Special Stage? Also, the screen appears where Dr. Eggman has the Chaos Emeralds, but in itself there is none, so what is the point in including a bad ending?
  9. The worst thing is that there are no continuations or checkpoints, so if you lose and you were almost going to finish the level, you have to pass everything again, it's just frustrating.
  10. No Scrap Brain Zone due to the limitation of the console.
  11. When you lose all rings, only three of them are shown, so the game gets even harder because you come across large numbers of enemies, so you can easily lose all your rings and when you're going to collect all 3 rings, an enemy attacks you and you lose.
  12. Although the soundtrack is somewhat close to thr original Sonic 1 OST, there are inaccuracies, the pitch is usually too high or there are notes missing.
  13. Spring Yard Zone is misspelled as "Spring Yand Zone" and the Special Stages are misspelled as "Spacial Stage".
  14. Contrary to popular belief, the levels in this game are actually original, not directly ported from Sonic 1 however, the original levels are horribly designed. For example, there are big gaps in between platforms with spikes underneath, which don't instantly kill you, but there is no way out of the spike hole.
  15. Poor enemy placement.
    • Speaking of enemies, some of them function wrong, such as the Crabmeats, Buzz Bombers, and Burrobots.
  16. There are a tremendous number of enemies on screen, so usually the graphics flash, plus in some levels you can't run quietly because there are 8 enemies that won't allow you to pass until you defeat them, which is difficult because they almost always hurt you.
  17. When you are in a boss fight against Dr. Eggman, it takes 11 hits to defeat him instead of 8.
  18. Mario in Sonic was a very boring idea, even worse it was executed very poorly.

Good Qualities

  1. At least we do have a spin dash from Sonic 2.
  2. Although the pitch highness and inaccuracies in the soundtrack, it's at least a solid interpretation of the Sonic 1 soundtrack.
  3. Decent graphics.
  4. The color palette for each zone wasn't too bad, actually.
  5. Smooth panning.
  6. The title startup looks nice.
  7. Sonic 1 for NES improves it very much and brings back Sonic.


  • There's a hack called "Sonic 1 for NES Improvement Hack" which fixed many of the problems Somari had, better music, better controls, better color palette, and better sprites. Plus, it works on real hardware, not just emulators.
  • There's another hack where you play as Doraemon with new levels but somehow made the game worse.



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