Soldier of Fortune: Payback

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Ladies and gentlemen, the game that killed the Soldier of Fortune franchise!

Soldier of Fortune: Payback is a 2007 first person shooter game for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, that is the rather unrelated third installment in the Soldier of Fortune series published by Activision. Unlike the previous games which were developed by Raven Software, this game was developed by Cauldron HQ, who had collaborations with Activision as they were responsible for a number of budget-priced FPS games that were for the most part very poorly received. This game is no exception, and as such, it was also marketed as a budget-priced game. Unlike the previous games, which followed John Mullins, players now take the role of Thomas Mason to stop an arms deal (or lack-thereof through a paper-thin and disjointed storyline). The game also received controversy regarding the game's high-level of violence, which led to the game being banned in Germany and Australia.

Why it Sucks

  1. As already stated above, it has a very paper-thin and disjointed story relating to an arms deal of sorts. This plot is worse than the previous games.
  2. The game is very short in length, only taking less than 3 hours to complete, and only has over 10 levels set in 4 different areas.
  3. Graphics are very poor and looks like a game on the PS2.
  4. Guns have absolutely no recoil.
  5. Has an inferior gore system compared to the previous games.
  6. Stationary weapons are very useless and you can't hit anyone due to the insane amount of recoil they have in comparison to all standard guns.
  7. Unfair difficulty, even on Easy mode. This is also apparent when you have levels such as the Russia levels, where enemies have shotguns and can quickly kill you in only a few shots.
  8. Had a very lackluster multiplayer mode which suffered through a number of glitches and frequent latency issues.
  9. Has poor enemy placements, to the point where enemies that can spawn out of the woodwork without even instantly knowing of where they are, resulting in frequent and very cheap deaths.
  10. Voice acting is even more dull and uninspiring than the previous games.
  11. Lame and mostly very unfair boss battles, as they have more health than all the regular enemies, and have very powerful weapons which can instantly kill you.
  12. Has very, very long load times, especially that when you die; you have to wait for a load screen before going back to your latest checkpoint.
  13. As such, it also has a poorly-implemented checkpoint system. There aren't even Quicksaves in the PC version!
  14. Has a very dull and uninspiring soundtrack, which is also far worse than the previous game.
  15. Unsatisfying ending, especially for the fact that it has the absolute gall to end on a cliffhanger!