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Sniper: Path of Vengeance

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Sniper: Path of Vengeance
You know a game is bad when it has "Sniper" in the title but you do very little actual sniping.
Protagonist(s): Dominick Truilone (The Sniper)
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: NA: September 20, 2002
PL: November 29, 2002
Engine: LithTech Jupiter
Developer(s): Mirage Interactive
Publisher(s): NA: Xicat Interactive
PL: Cenega
Country: Poland

Sniper: Path of Vengeance (known as Snajper in Poland) is a 2002 first-person shooter video game developed by Mirage Interactive and published by Xicat Interactive in North America and Cenega in Poland for Microsoft Windows. The Xbox version was planned, but never released.[1]

The game's protagonist is called Dominick Truilone (alias: The Sniper), who's a hitman.

Why It Sucks

  1. Despite the game's title, only a couple of missions actually give you a sniper rifle to use.
  2. Mediocre graphics, even for 2002 standards.
  3. Really stupid AI.
  4. Ugly character models (like Stella) and really tasteless clothing choices for some enemies.
  5. If you try to kill Stella, you die instantly.
  6. If you kill Nico, the bartender at the Bullseye pub, his model changes his texture to the beta texture for some reason.
  7. If you kill an enemy who has a cigarette in his mouth, the cigarette falls into his nose.
  8. Ridiculous death animations.
  9. If you shoot the bus in the game, it starts to bleed. On a later level, you can shoot it normally.
  10. The weapons have a flashlight, but due to a bug they don't light up properly.
  11. If you press the jump and the crouch button at the same time continuously, you can float in the air.
  12. During the ending cutscene, the weapons disappear from the characters' hands.
  13. Extremely predictable story with awful writing.
  14. Bland voice acting, combined with mediocre music and poor sound design.
  15. Tons of glitches, including some game breaking ones.
  16. The enemies move around really fast from side to side when they are attacking you, which looks ridiculous and unrealistic.


  • The game has a big cult following in Hungary, because of the game's funny bugs and glitches, and also thanks to the Hungarian YouTuber FreddyD of Bad PC Games (Rossz PC Játékok Sorozat) fame, since this was the first game he reviewed.



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