Sneaking Bad

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Sneaking Bad
Faking Bad.jpg
Genre: Point-and-Click
Platforms: PC
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Developer: Really Good Games Studio
Publisher: Really Good Games Studio

Sneaking Bad is a fan "game" loosely based on the Breaking Bad series and created by "developers" ShadyBlackVan, Uberific1337 and XualingMaster. It was released on Kongregate on April 15 2014. The game can be played here.

Offical Story

Save Heisenberg from the meth addicts with the mouse. Press on baddies to send a hollow point through their skull. Protect the blue sky recipie by aiming the gun at baddies and clicking the sekret button.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

  1. Some of the worst and laziest sprite work of all time even by the standards of Flash games, with every character being a crude stick figure with a Breaking Bad character's face poorly photoshopped on it, and the background designs are just simplistic shapes when they even exist.
  2. Only two songs in the game, and due to poor coding both of them usually play simultaneously. One of them is also the Gangplank Galleom theme from the Donkey Kong series which doesn't fit with the Breaking Bad series at all.
  3. The only "gameplay" is clicking a button that randomly shows up in the corner to advance. This is in spite of Walter having a gun, which he never uses (or if he does it's never shown visually).
  4. The buttons you need to click only show up for one frame. More egregiously, the button in Level 2 doesn't even work, as clicking it does nothing, making the game quite literally dysfunctional. You can only move on to the last level by right clicking the game and clicking "Forward".
  5. There are only three levels in the game. It could hypothetically be beaten in less than a minute without the game breaking bug in Level 2.
  6. When you win, you only get a simple "You win" screen with an option to watch the credits or go back to the start of the game.
  7. The "story" in the description, seen above is nonsensical and almost seems to be describing a different game. It also has multiple spelling errors and mentions a "blue sky recipe" that doesn't show up ingame. It also says that you can "press the baddies" to shoot them, but in the actual game clicking the enemies doesn't do anything.


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