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Sneak King

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Sneak King
The King is now sneaking his way right into Crappy Games Wiki.
Genre(s): Stealth
Platform(s): Xbox
Xbox 360
Release: November 19, 2006
Engine: BlitzTech
Developer(s): Blitz Games
Publisher(s): King Games

Sneak King is a stealth game developed by Blitz Games and it was released on Xbox and Xbox 360. It was one of the three promotional games sold with value meals at Burger King, the other games being Big Bumpin' and PocketBike Racer.

Despite the game being released for both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, there is only one version of the game disc, and it can be played on both the Xbox and Xbox 360.


Players take control of Burger King's mascot The King, in a stealth food-delivery themed game that spans four unique worlds based on Burger King's own commercials.

Why It Can't Sneak Away

  1. It is a rip-off of the Metal Gear series, as both games rely on sneaking up on enemies.
  2. Incredibly repetitive, even by Burger King game standards. All four levels are basically the same and they always have 20 missions, most of which are just sneaking to a person and giving them a Burger King meal followed by the King doing a goofy dance that lasts about 10 seconds.
  3. Poorly integrated title screen: you can clearly see that they used a live-action shot of The King holding a plate that has a note that reads "Sneak King".
  4. The dialogue and its box are white, making it hard to read the text.
  5. No real story, the cutscenes are just newspaper stories talking about The King giving people food.
  6. Very slow pacing, mainly during segments when The King is coming out of on of his hiding spots to give the person a Burger King Meal, it takes twelfth to thirteen seconds for him to get out of said hiding spots.
  7. The idea for Sneak King is quite jarring, not to mention, very creepy: If you were walking along a path, and then all of a sudden The King jumps out-of-nowhere, does a little dance, and then offers you a Burger King meal, how would you react??
  8. The game automatically inverts the right joystick and there is no way to fix this.
  9. Ugly and outdated graphics that often reuses character models, that also look like something out of an early PlayStation 2 game.
  10. Somewhat unfair AI: the person can sometimes spin a full 360 at The King with no warning.
  11. The game is suprisingly forgiving when it comes to people spotting you in levels beside the “dont get caught” missions.
  12. If you fail a mission, The King will do this "I can't believe it" taunt that lasts for eight seconds.
  13. Game-breaking bugs that can cause to game to be a bit unfair at times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is admittedly decent.
  2. The source material is fair.
  3. It has a unique concept.
  4. The fact that they were able to store two separate versions of the game on one disk is impressive.
  5. When Burger King did the promotion for the games, you could buy the game (as well as PocketBike Racer and Big Bumpin') for 3.99.
  6. Some of The King’s dances are funny.
  7. When you complete every level, you unlock a new suit called the”Sneaking Suit”.
  8. The King has new dances for every world.



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