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SmarTV Adventures

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SmarTV Adventures
It would be smart to avoid this adventure!
Developer: Clementoni
Release Date: 2015?
Predecessor: TV Learning Adventures
Competitors: V.Smile
Generation: Seventh
Discontinued: ?

The SmarTV Adventures (called funtastic TV adventures on the box) is a plug and play console manufactured by Clementoni and released in the USA by Walmart under their KidConnection brand some time in 2015. It is very obscure, and not much is known about it.

Why It Flopped

  1. Poor design: Much like other plug and play consoles the console is built into a controller. However, the SmarTV Adventures has cartridges. The cartridge connection is very loose, resulting in the game crashing at the smallest bump.
  2. The joystick is very sensitive. The games only accepts input from four directions, so you have to move that way. However, the joystick has a big deadzone, so the game might not receive input even if you are pushing in that direction. You have to find the certain spot where the joystick will work.
  3. Only two games were known to have been released! In fact, both games came with the console.
  4. The controller design is a rip off of the V.Smile's controller, with a joystick, four colored buttons, a bigger "confirm" button and a pause button.
  5. The cartridges were also poorly designed. The cartridges have a spring-loaded plastic sleeve that protects the connectors when the cartridges are not in use. That isn’t really a bad thing, but if one were to disassemble a SmarTV cartridge, then they might not be able to recreate the spring setup since the springs are not being held in by anything.
  6. False advertising: The back of the box shows a kid playing the console with the blue cartridge inserted, but the game on the TV is a game in the green cartridge.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The colored buttons light up when pressed, which is something the V.Smile controller didn't do.
  2. You can use AA batteries or a 9V AC adapter to power the console.
  3. The startup screen is quick.


  • The SmarTV Adventures is actually an American version of an Italian line of plug and play consoles called the Smart TV made by a company called Clementoni.



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