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Slendytubbies III

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Slendytubbies III
Where did the Slendytubbies go? Nowhere.
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Point and Click
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: August 27, 2017
Engine: Unity
Developer(s): ZeoWorks
Publisher(s): ZeoWorks
Series: Slendytubbies

Slendytubbies III is a survival horror game featuring Teletubbies. This game was developed by ZeoWorks and released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows, meant to be the last main entry in the Slendytubbies saga.

Bad Qualities


  1. Inconsistent visuals, while some maps look well made, like Satellite Station or the Outskirts, others look very dull almost looking effortless, like Main land which looks like it was made using default Unity terrain tools and a model of the Teletubbies' house slapped in the middle. The explanation for this is that the developer took advantage of resources or presets of places already made to use as maps, which in this case are the maps that look good.
  2. The animations seem to be made for earlier character models, with limbs passing through their bodies, sometimes even defaulting to an A-Pose like the models of the first game released over 5 years ago. If you look closely at the screens in the first cutscene with the White Tubby, one of the screens erroneously shows an early screenshot of the characters with their Slendytubbies II models, possibly explaining the unfitting animations.
  3. The odd decision of making the campaign and multiplayer be downloaded separately, because...
  4. ...every time the game is updated, you have to download a whole new copy of game again as the game doesn't update itself, and while 1.3gb of data may not be much, people with slow internet may suffer from this.


  1. The story feels rushed:
    • The story apparently makes the previous game's stories non-canon, which makes no sense as Chapter 0 is essentially a perfect prequel to the first game, also, the game gives little to no reason into why Noo-Noo infected Teletubby custard nor how he did it anyway.
    • Nothing changes if you select the polite or mean dialogue options, the outcome is barely any different, like Laa-Laa still siding with you even after beating her up, making them pointless.
    • Sometimes, the dialogues have incorrect grammar on many different languages, e.g., "Teletubbie" instead of "Teletubby".
    • It's never explained why did the Teletubby custard affect Tinky Winky instantly, but not the other Teletubbies.
    • Dipsy barely does anything in the story, he's killed by Tinky Winky and that's pretty much it. When he is encountered in Satellite Station he chases after you, then dies about 2 seconds after.
  2. Repetitive to boring gameplay, most of the time you collect Teletubby custard while avoiding the select Slendytubby or go from point A to point B with frustrating gimmick-fest puzzles. This comes to a horrendous conclusion in Chapter 2 (if you selected to go to the mountains), in which you need to hear which side the Yeti Tubby is, however, without headphones this section is close to impossible.
  3. Not scary at all, even less than previous games, jumpscares are just the enemy walking to the camera while screaming then fading out, which stops being effective very quickly, and when you get killed, you respawn shortly after to try again.
  4. Unnecesary quick time events that range from too easy to borderline unfair, with the worst being the Chapter 0 one, because of its length, missing a single one makes doing everything again very tedious, not helped by its unnecesary QTE's of looking back, or just turning away.
  5. Weird oversights that can easily softlock the game, the best examples are, but not limited to:
    • It's possible to get stuck on the Tubbytronic Superdome's roof entrance by just casually walking and falling into it, because Po can't enter this way nor jump out, you're effectively stuck there forever.
    • Going through the wrong vent in Satellite Station can make you fall off the map, not helped by the fact that the only way to escape is by restarting the current chapter from the beginning.
  6. Some maps from the previous game (Slendytubbies II) don't even appear, nor are mentioned. While this isn't terrible, some do appear, but only on multiplayer for some reason.
  7. The boss fights at the Satellite Station and Outskirts, have uncomfortable controls and are a little bit repetitive, worse is that they drag on for way too long.
  8. All chapters are unlocked from the get-go for no reason, meaning you can skip to the last chapter and get the 4 endings and their rewards easily, as there is no punishment.
  9. The “Good Ending” isn’t even close to being good. You get accused by the military until they see a bunch of newborns, and it ends with you saying “We must fight…” It should’ve been a “Neutral Ending” if anything.


  1. Some of the multiplayer maps would have been interesting in the campaign, but they don't appear there for some reason. Also, some don't even have a context to why you're there nor what happened to the monsters there.
  2. Hosts are able to kick any player for any reason at any time in any gamemode, so toxicity is inevitable, shouldn't a votekick be a better option?
  3. Co-op Mode and Versus Mode are still extremely boring just like previous entries, and considering the previous point, good luck having fun at all.
  4. Sandbox mode feels more like a Debug Mode than a gamemode, and if you allow universal control of the Sandbox menu, most of the time people begin spamming the enemy spawn button, which is really no fun at all and any PC may lag horribly.
  5. Useless chat filter, that makes Roblox's chat filter look amazing in comparison, not helped by the fact that you can disable it completely.

Good Qualities

  1. Multiplayer still supports custom skins, and lets you add different hats to your character by buying them with Teletubby custard, which makes personalization easy.
  2. The multiplayer maps tend to look better than campaign maps, which is odd but cool.
  3. Two new gamemodes, Survival and Sandbox which add to the multiplayer game.
  4. Survival Mode has a good variety of weapons, enemies and maps, they are all well made, making it the most enjoyable gamemode of the entire game.
  5. Surprisingly good soundtrack, if you ignore the Main Land theme being as lazy as it was previously.
  6. The game is still a major improvement over its previous entries, one example is Tinky Winky finally getting proper animations and AI, and slightly improved visual quality.
  7. The concept is executed much better thanks to the story, but not much.
  8. There are a few funny jokes in the campaign, with a some unintentionally funny scenes, like beating Laa-Laa up for minor provocation.
  9. The designs of the mutated Teletubbies are decently creepy.
  10. Finding Laa-Laa in the Outskirts and Ron getting murdered in Satellite Station are the saddest parts in the entire game, if you ignore the strange dialogue options.



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