Siren: Blood Curse

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Siren: Blood Curse
Siren Blood Curse.jpg
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Survival Horror
Platforms: PlayStation 3
Release Date: JP: July 24, 2008
NA: July 24, 2008 (PSN)
EU: July 24, 2008 (PSN)
AU: October 29, 2008 (PSN)
AU: October 30, 2008
EU: October 31, 2008
JP: December 11, 2008 (PSN)
Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Franchise: Siren
Previous Game: Forbidden Siren 2

Siren: Blood Curse, known in Japan as Siren: New Translation (サイレン:ニュー トランスレーション Sairen:Nyū Toransurēshon), is a survival horror stealth game. It is the third and final installment in the Siren game series. Developed for the PlayStation 3 by Project Siren and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some things in this reimagining were done in order to please the Western audiences, such as making all of the playable cast Americans, except for Seigo Saiga. Normally, that wouldn't have been a problem, but these characters are really one-dimensional and get no real character development. Actually, even Seigo Saiga and Miyako Kajiro have those problems.
  2. There is way less characters than in the original game. In contrast, Forbidden Siren has 10 playable characters, while this one has 7 (technically 6, since Amana is Melissa from the different time universe). Instead, some elements of the original characters and their subplots were given to the new characters. For example, Howard is a poor mash-up of Kyoya Suda, Tamon Takeuchi, Kei Makino and Ayako Kajiro, and Seigo Saiga are poorly mashed Shiro Miyata, Akira Shimura and Jun Kajiro. And the only character who makes a reappearance is Miyako Kajiro.
  3. Just like the characters, reimagined scenes from the original game are not as good and impactful (not without much thanks to the point 2). Same goes for the writing.
  4. The ending feels lackluster as the game just casually mentions that Bella is Amana, which then cuts to Howard listening to rock music while fighting Shibito.
  5. As a result, the story also suffers greatly from this, being significantly weaker in comparison to the original Siren's story.
  6. Bad pacing, made worse by the confusing time travel aspect.
  7. Shibito are not as disturbing and frightening as they were in Forbidden Siren, and Kaiko, despite sporting an interesting design, is not working really well as a replacement for Datatsushi.
  8. The camera is positioned like in Resident Evil 4, but instead of rotating around the character, it just shifts, which makes it hard to see where you're going at times.
  9. There are puzzles, but there isn't that many and they aren't as good as in the previous entries.
  10. The combat is way too easy.
  11. Despite how good the visuals are, the game has a weird hue of tan making things look more dull than they actually are.
  12. It can be beaten in about four hours.
  13. Quick Time Events. When a shibito grapples onto you, you have to shake the controller in order to get them off of you.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent voice acting.
  2. The game can be pretty scary at times. Especially some of Bella's gameplay moments.
  3. Good atmosphere.
  4. Pretty creepy Shibito designs.
  5. The Sight Jack mechanic is still an interesting.
  6. There is a weapon category that tells you the weapon's strength, which is helpful, so you don't pick up a bad weapon.
  7. Good graphics.
  8. The story still has its own good and interesting parts.
  9. A minor but neat addition is "door brace", allowing you to be able to hold the door if a Shibito is after you.


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